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  1. Out of curiosity, who on our circuit is graduating this year? Where are you going to college/Major? (I am wondering if there is any sort of trend. Lots of policy debaters seem to major in poly sci or something mathy/sciency/econ related). I am going to ASU/Barrett. My major = Journalism and Mass Communication. I may or may not minor in one or more of the following: Econ, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, German, Poly Sci. Or I will double major in one of those. I dont know yet.
  2. Additionally, should i debate in college? My first thought is no becuase I will be busy and debate, although i like it, is a lot of extra work im not sure I'm willing to do. Plus, i know i need a lot of improvement so there is more work on top of the normal load. I'm leaning towards speech because I was fairly good at platform events and I would probably do better in speech anyway as that has been the trend. What do you think? I really cant decide =/
  3. 1) I am not in charge of the ballot table. These sort of judging atrocities happen at 1-3A state in any event because 1-3A state sucks. I was judged by my own school at least 3 times that tournament. 2) TPA entered one policy team. Thus, TPA brought one qualified judge (which is, unfortunately, more than other schools bring sometimes--however, i understand that this is often unavoidable and that these schools do their best). TPA is poor and cannot afford to bring extra policy judges, especially as there was no room in the vans. Orletsky and Thorpe were by NO means ever intended to judge policy. If i were in a situation where i was against PCDS and i had to choose from "clean", unqualified judges or "dirty," qualified judges from PCDS, i would choose the latter ANY day. 3) I echo the congrats to those going to nationals!
  4. none where he will judge you
  5. lol, you eat potato chips in debate rounds in phoenix maybe, but not speech, as the crunching may be distracting, depending on the type of chip and the vigor with which you cruch. i think the level of decorum that must be maintained in 1-3A speech rounds is the same as 4A-5A speech rounds. I would say the main difference between these rounds, however, is that in 1-3A speech rounds, the chances that your opponents are biologically related in some way increases ten fold, for you are likely competing in a town that only has four last names (or five first names, as is the case with Blue Ridge). speaking style is in fact a stock issue in 1-3A policy.
  6. Congrats to Matt and Mark for state =) And regarding those 19 dropped case turns going unnoticed in sems: grrrr. That is what happens when 2 LD judges judge policy. 1-3A suuuccckkksss. I dont think anyone truly understands this until they see it for themselves. Zane: I failed you at state in expos man. I was screwed over my first prelim, and the 3rd one was retarded. I ended up with 2nd overall, which was rather frustrating when you consider that the girl who won has lost to me at every tournament for the last two years, sometimes by large margins. She's really nice though, and although it was disappointing, i was glad for her. Amalia: 1,294. after nats it'll be roughly 1300. All things considered, I'm ok with that. Also, 5A results anyone?
  7. 1) in basil's defense, your facetiousness is difficult to detect online. 2) anyone who has been to river valley: there is a safeway there, right? what about a whole foods? (im pushing my luck there arent i)
  8. To clear confusion: Valley Christian is a real school, they only do speech and have no debate team, Chandler Prep (of Chandler AZ) is TPA's sister school, they consist of novices. There was an itty bitty tournament co-hosted by TPA last week (I believe McClintok and Mesa went, for some reason they like to go to our little 1-3A get togethers) held at Valley Christian because our campus is too small. There were 10 policy teams there, 8 of which were novices. I do not, however, know why these facts are important to know for Central, as im sure no one really cares.
  9. Brohpy: I'm liking the fantasy team group on facebook, it makes me smile.
  10. if we were to debate policy at winter trophy it would have been us, 1 river valley team, and a hic judge who cant spell LD. i hear dobson is going to blue ridge...will you be entering any policy teams? i love it when non 1-3A schools show up. these schools, along with pcds of course, bring people that are called "qualified cx judges," a rare find on the 1-3A policy circuit. not too many 1-3A tournaments can get a hold of these.
  11. good luck at USC to those who are going pcds: 1-3A winter trophy is pointless anyway, we all know this.
  12. if my coach ever made me do extemp i would quit speech and debate right then and there. some call that oratory does anyone know when the results for the whole tournament will be posted?
  13. Its great when your aff, novice vs. novice, in a bind, and literally have nothing better to run. Otherwise i would say no. But if you feel really compelled to use it for whatever reason, write a really amazing block.
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