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  1. For anyone interested.... http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2008/06/080624-marijuana.html?=rss there's a form of marijuana that doesn't get you high... so legalization would have no negative effects.
  2. I'd Like to get in on this... someone hit me up w/ an email guitmusic11@gmail.com
  3. I thought i'd mention that the USFG does not classify Hybrid cars as "Alternative Energy Vehicles" because they still require some gas. On electricity, its all or nothing. (can't remember source on that, but its noted on the wikipedia article on alternative energy i believe)
  4. At a practice debate once i got bored and instead of flowing i filled a page of doodling that related to Gene Ray and the time cube
  5. I would also like to point out that you could come across affirmatives that use kritikal impacts to a standard case. This isn't a true K aff, but it happens
  6. Small arms, child soldiers, gmo's
  7. I've heard many things about this and am unsure about what should be happening. I always run Fx T as a standard of another T, but at a tournament this year a judge said to run it as a separate argument? Which one's right?
  8. I'm looking for performance aff/neg files. I was wondering if someone was willing to give me/trade with me for one
  9. "It's emperically proven that nuclear war wont come from depression because there was no nuclear war during the great depression"
  10. I have a DDI internet dev k... also kinda works
  11. I know it would be really easy to make the point with analytics because it's just common sense... does anyone have/ know where I could find cards saying disease causes suffering, and suffering is bad thanks
  12. Theres always the Popped collar K where it says that popping your collar is bad and you should lose the round because of it
  13. its not letting me extract the file
  14. n00bpwnr x


    Is there anyone who could give me a GOOD explanation of how a biopower K works?
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