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  1. hey, I guess I am running a different version of the case because that pension card isn't the case I am running
  2. lol, missed that TheGreatInstigator. But we are still run by idiots
  3. I disagree with your viewpoint, so clearly you are a communist
  4. demonlampshade


    CHSAA sucks, but just how hard does it suck?
  5. Wow, please don't think I ACTUALLY believe this. It is a 1/2 serious case idea that I may run for shits and giggles.
  6. Nice, but seriously the main difference is who was supposed to lead Islam after Muhammed's death.
  7. Queen, lots and lots of Queen Operation Mincrime *ONE* Bad Religion- Everything past Could Hell Be Any Worse? Operation Ivy- Healthy Body, see sig. Classical, especially cello, VIOLIN CELLO FTW! Rancid- Time Bomb, Red Hot Moon Anti-Flag- EVERYTHING especially $1,000,000,000,000 Nickel Creek- Scotch and Chocolate Brain Failure- Livin' in the City (kudos if you have ever heard of them) Mighty Mighty Bosstones- Impression that I get Pennywise- Fuck Athority Linsay Mac- Small Revolution (once again kudos if you know her) Flogging molly- Rebels of the Sacred Heart And most everything, 'cept most rap, scremo/ emo, most country. Almost anything gets me pumped before debate
  8. You guys are probably right, I just think it would be fun to run this case:)
  9. You guys have made some good points, but missed the main strength of the case (it really catches the neg off guard). Not sure if I will make this case, could be fun.....
  10. Yeah, your timeframe might work, but It isn't that bad. Earth is so old that even nuke war will still just be a blip in it's timeframe
  11. I admit that nuke war might not be so good... but humans probably would not evolve again, to assume they would suggests that humans are most effective lifeform and will come around again. You said yourself why biodiversity does work, and I finally came up with something for timeframe. Basiclly we are trying to save earth so what is 50 years in the picture of how long earth has been around?
  12. LOL, I love where this is going, but as I see it you can't really claim many D/A's against it; nuke war-faster; spending- it doesn't matter, we will all be dead; civil liberties-so? we will all be dead And an advantage could be increased biodiversity?
  13. My bro has done some judging and says it varies even within northern colorado. He has judged tourneys where he had to do a tax form on what they were paying him, some where they just gave him the money, and he has heard in some college tourneys they just pay judges (depending on the judge) in weed or booze.
  14. Very classy Ruwan, very classy (sorry for double post)
  15. ZOMBIE AFF??!?!!!!?!?! Sweet jesus you are a god, anything with zombie's must be good! I would really like to a) see the case idea and get a copy demonlampshade@gmail.com
  16. You make some fair points, but that is simply the thesis of the case. The way I see it's topical (increase military), and you can fiat the super germ
  17. Ok, so my brother (former debator) came up with a kinda fun case idea. Basiclly the armed services should higher some scientists to design super germ to kill all of humanity in order to save mother earth. Is this a good case idea or not?
  18. Hi, still new to debate and I was just wondering if someone could tell me what "The Spark" is. :confused:I've heard a lot of people talk about it, but I am still not sure what it is, help would be appreciated:Bow:Bow
  19. Have you guys heard of the fire corp case, and if so what do you think of it?
  20. Since I have heard so much about it at practice, I would kinda like a copy Demonlampshade@gmail.com
  21. Hi, just wanted your opinion, are the people doing debate crazy or does doing debate make them crazy?
  22. Well, he basiclly said liberalism leads to incredibly selfish indiviualism, and eventually downfall of society, and to stop this a society needs to strong good v. evil myths (i.e. communism cause of all evil). Generally thought of as father of the neo-con movement
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    I just saw a thing on Leo Strauss, and I was wondering if he ever comes up in debate. I strongly disagree with his ideals, but some of his stuff could rip apart some cases (not as much with national service, but still). Also, I am new here, so wasn't sure where to post it
  24. thanks, so is building a block just making a generic block?
  25. Ok, I really would like some help with some debate terms 1) Biopower 2)block a)terms around block (splitting, etc.) Help would be great:Bow:Bow
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