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  1. A colleague of mine ran a prostitution case for this year's topic (draft prostitutes into the army to "relieve" our boyz, if'n ya know what I'm sayin), and the (female) judge pretty much summed it up at the end. She said, "This case didn't offend me as a girl...but it offended me more as a human being." HA!

  2. I'm not sure why I've become the official CX transsexual as deemed by someone I don't even know, but it seems I angered Peter Joeris somehow. Are you upset that I've never let you see my freak penis? Seriously, it's not even that big. Get over it already.


    It's not that hard to see your [freak] penis. You should be proud of the sheer girth of your wang.

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  3. hey all,

    i think this thread is pretty screwed and engendering a lot of negative sentiment between really good friendly debaters. rapp thanks a lot for the nod but i feel that we are not even close to the best team of the last 5 years. i can think of three teams in particular which i think will always be/were better -- Ponderosa NR, GW BS, Luke and Nathan. one of the things i like about the debate scene in CO right now is that a lot of the teams are pretty close with each other, and i would hate to see that ruined by some infantile squabbling over who is a better team. i think that people worried about not being on the list, not high enough, etc, should check themselves and realize it doesnt mean shit. those on it should also realize it doesnt mean shit, but collectively we should all get ready to kick some ass at nats.




    Which is why we need to get back to the real topic at hand...




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  4. Theron Lamb and Andrew Brendle were some of the best c-x'ers in colorado history. They lead the creek team the last three years and should not be forgotten.





    What does this have to do with penises?

    Come on, man! Stay on topic! What, are you not topical? That's an independent voter for being a liitle poopoo butt.



  5. If we are truly going to consider the greatest CO debaters of the last five or so years, penis size is what really matters. Here are the "unofficial" (wink, wink) rankings I've collected over the past several years. Remember, friends: word of mouth is cheap, and travels fast!


    In no particular order:


    Sahan Jay - (aka The Gutbuster) Larger than life!


    Dan Dexter - Packin' (Miles Davis Quintet optional)


    Greg Sobetski - Doc. Ock


    Robert Thompson - aka The Bullwhip


    Kayla Young - Think about it... 'tis possible, eh?


    And at the very bottom, the absolute WORST Debater (by these standards, at least), the award goes to...


    Ruwan Jayasumana - aka "hung like a mosquito"

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  6. The end of the world as we know it-REM

    Awesome song, gets you pumped and incase you hadn't noticed it is about CX debate. The entire song is going on about the end of the world and just look at this line


    A tournament,

    a tournament, a tournament of lies. Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives

    and I decline.


    Yeah, thats debate

  7. Yeah, the admiral is kinda crazy, the quiet kill and rape you in the night crazy, but then there is Pistol & P (joeris & his partner). They are both some kind of nazi germans who like nuke war. BTW, Jayasumana also is some crazy sri lanken who really wants to join the tamil tigers. Also, one of the teams members might be part of the KKK. Who it is, is your guess

  8. i asked them abot you and they said that you were retarded.



    people need to chill out or posts will start getting deleted, its just a fun case idea don't get your panties in a bunch, jeez.





    You seem like the first person (or one of the more vocal ones) who takes this case as seriously as it is supposed to be, that is not a whole hell of a lot.

  9. wouldn't the extinction of such a dominant species hurt all levels of the biosphere? animals have evolved to adapt to the abusive acts of humans, and with no humans those adaptations are useless, and therefor they couldn't function and would die, and with no animals at all almost every other living thing would die...




    which is a good thing if you save the universe in the long run



    Actually, humanity has not been around anywhere near long enough to have animals evolve around interacting w/ humans

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