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  1. A colleague of mine ran a prostitution case for this year's topic (draft prostitutes into the army to "relieve" our boyz, if'n ya know what I'm sayin), and the (female) judge pretty much summed it up at the end. She said, "This case didn't offend me as a girl...but it offended me more as a human being." HA!
  2. It's not that hard to see your [freak] penis. You should be proud of the sheer girth of your wang.
  3. Which is why we need to get back to the real topic at hand... OUR MEATY BEATY BIG AND BOUNCY COX-N'-BAWLS!
  4. Dude... What does this have to do with penises? Come on, man! Stay on topic! What, are you not topical? That's an independent voter for being a liitle poopoo butt. ASSHOLE
  5. I mean seriously, you can't look at that man and not think about the hairy, meaty, thick veiny engorged member that is being expertly concealed. I put forth the idea that she is an amputee. Think about it...
  6. How 'bout the size of the penis on Kayla Young? That dude is packin' heat!
  7. If we are truly going to consider the greatest CO debaters of the last five or so years, penis size is what really matters. Here are the "unofficial" (wink, wink) rankings I've collected over the past several years. Remember, friends: word of mouth is cheap, and travels fast! In no particular order: Sahan Jay - (aka The Gutbuster) Larger than life! Dan Dexter - Packin' (Miles Davis Quintet optional) Greg Sobetski - Doc. Ock Robert Thompson - aka The Bullwhip Kayla Young - Think about it... 'tis possible, eh? And at the very bottom, the absolute WORST Debater (by these standards, at least), the award goes to... Ruwan Jayasumana - aka "hung like a mosquito"
  9. A debater on our team is really considering writing persons = Furry little animals
  10. I don't debate on anything other than some energy drinks. But in answer to the which came first debate or drugs question, I must say I started smoking weed thru debate.
  11. What is the prefered OS of debaters? I dual boot ubuntu / XP professional
  12. The end of the world as we know it-REM Awesome song, gets you pumped and incase you hadn't noticed it is about CX debate. The entire song is going on about the end of the world and just look at this line A tournament, a tournament, a tournament of lies. Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives and I decline. Yeah, thats debate
  13. Economic Left/Right: -6.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.23 not bad, not the most liberal but I think it is pretty correct. And FYI most of the CXers on my team would prolly be somewhere around that
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