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  1. dinoxtian

    Plan Flaw

    I agree. It also disproves "plan text key to advocacy" because you knew what they were saying. Also, they could easily say text comp bad, func comp good, and the CP proves that the plan text couldn't shift around very much, how many words can "teh" or "United Stats" become?
  2. dinoxtian

    Plan Flaw

    Hey, i picked up at St. Marks on plan flaw: text says "trasfer" group 1 and 2 its the only stable advocacy we have in the round 3: hey your plan text says trasfer, you don't actually increase public health.
  3. I wasn't a fan of asia, because it was just this resolution, part II. I was hoping for energy and a rewording of the resolution. I can think of 1 case under the health care topic, and it's the resolution.
  4. My coach in the past has given 0 speaks for clipping cards. It is an issue.
  5. dinoxtian


    X% T's suck. I can pull out any legal dictionary and assign any percentage listed to be "the best."
  6. Not only are planks stupid as hell, but funding planks are 100% illegit.
  7. MORON. Read the thread, you wanted it before.
  8. Once again, this aff isn't critical at all, but I'll send one to you. dontwakeuponfire@gmail.com
  9. shitty barstow. He slept on the floor.
  10. I have an idea!! Everyone shuts the fuck up, this gets locked, and moved to "8 minutes of inherency in the 1NC."
  11. dinoxtian

    2AR Perm

    Actually, shitty barstow is telling the truth.
  12. I have, and I won, he's from Grandview. Now shut the fuck up Jeremy.
  13. What about the college resolution this year? Pertains directly to the courts, and only the courts.
  14. Consult counterplans are often private, international, AND multiple actor fiat.
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