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  1. Who is going to CFL Nationals in Washington DC?
  2. Hey, who's going to be at NCFL Nationals in Omaha?
  3. Hey, If it does not inconvenience anyone, I would like to get a general idea of who will be attending the 2010 Newark Invitational on February 5-6. Thanks in advance.
  4. who took the tournament? and in reference to quionneac....what did u lose on?
  5. There's an Harry Potter aff, too? what does the plan text say?
  6. What the hell is the Harry Potter CP and who runs that crap?
  7. Transnational Service.
  8. critical ameri corps, lift the ban on political advocacy. Adv biopower and advocacy groups!!!!
  9. I have the Heidegger file if u still need it
  10. I have the linguists neg from northwestern. what do u got
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