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  1. I have it. Completely homemade. No camps have a single negative file on it. What do you guys want to trade for it?
  2. Why the hell did you quote this message, and then posted the above, Mormon?
  3. Oh my God.. you have got to be FUCKING kidding me... god damn first years...
  4. yeah i don't get this either, since some of our negative teams saw this case too, and they claimed it was part of americorps and I was thinking no chance in hell...
  5. judges love the 1 nc for 30 seconds or so
  6. I'm educating someone because I don't want the Asian to die. Bite me, Mormon. You won't convert me.
  7. Wow. I never swore, you just altered my quote for educating someone about AIDs. What the hell is wrong with you, Mormon?
  8. do you have amnesty counterplan?
  9. You still voted neg... I love the relevance and hypocrisy.
  10. Did you know the AIDs is an STD? Or did you not know that? That means that it transfers sexually, so if you have AIDs and have sex with someone the chances are high that that someone is going to get AIDs. It is called critical thinking and application. It is very relevant. We do not appreciate the tasteless sarcasm and irony, troll. Do it again, and I'll report you for abusing the threads. Troll. Begone!
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