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  1. the_masta_debata

    NDT results

    Did anyone get cites for the dedev cards in the 2NC?
  2. you're. Also it might help if you gave your name
  3. I don't think nominating a debater who will not be attending the TOC because he's an asshole is going to be seen as a critique of the aristocratic elitism of the award
  4. this is stupid, perms are tests of competition, don't do this in round. also as a side note, millard south strategies in general don't work, not even for people from millard south.
  5. u go to millard south. all your speeches are overviews. just sayin'
  6. can someone from kentucky or associated with the toc confirm this because it wasnt on the original list of qualifiers?
  7. surprisingly enough, there are bad debaters on this forum who are not from millard south
  8. Joy of Tournaments says it is, there's no contact information to determine whether or not it will actually happen http://www.joyoftournaments.com/wi/marquette/info.asp?p=1 Can anyone shed light on this?
  9. Actually, this is a fairly good argument. Side bias arguments, especially by the negative, are pretty silly, but in the context of conditionality debates, it makes sense. If the Neg was forced to read things unconditional, the 2AC could just kick case and straight turn the CP for 5 minutes. The Negative wouldn't have an option to kick out of it.
  10. He didn't debate for Lexington I'm just not sure what Bill has done that is deserving of reproach? Talk to me when you find the rule that he broke Just putting this out there, this might be because Bill has a whole seperate site that he uses instead of forcing people to dig through the trolls
  11. Wrong. Try again. Also let me play Seth Myers for a second here. Really? You two are trying to attack Bill Batterman's reputation? Really? This is the guy who just received an award from the NDCA called Educator of the Year. Really? Not to mention that the second part of your post is just a subtle attempt to indict Jim and Scott's reputations as well.
  12. That isn't a reason the UIL kid should get a 26. Consider an analogy. UIL debate is like Boxing, circuit debate is like MMA. The MMA fighter who competes in boxing doesn't get to use all of their moves, and if they try and do so, they will get disqualified (read: 26), whereas the boxer fighting in MMA will be disadvantaegd (read: UIL debaters normally lose in front of circuit judges), but if they are really good, maybe they'll take down one of the MMA fighters
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