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  1. BrandonWeedon


    This site is dying. first time ive been on in about a year, and theres like 3 threads. haha.
  2. I personally think NFL is a joke. go to camp and get better at debate.
  3. word. idk what im doing for the rest of this year. so i might see you there?
  4. who all is going to centennial's tournament?
  5. how about you just do what's right? i get the whole drama stuff, but how mad can someone get at you for posting cites that were already read in a public round?
  6. fact. so kaiser, feel free to upload whatever has already been read. i don't think you need your coaches permission to do that. plus who is she to dictate what her debaters decide to make public? encourage fair debates for everyone.
  7. you guys realize that there is already a northwest wiki that you can post too. put your shit on there... just a thought.
  8. the joust sucks. everyone should go to centennials tournament.
  9. i actually like this thread. just saying.
  10. first, that was over half our squad. second, your lucky you have people like us that are willing to help ya'll. third, this was not our intention. peter texted all of us to come judge without telling any of us that there was going to be 6 judges there. and fourth, you should have got at least a second round going. there was more than enough people there to do it.
  11. this sounds like an exstrainious circumstance. did you concede a ballot frame arg? or framework? maybe you lost a theory debate?
  12. i hope i judge you all. if anyone wants help getting ready, feel free to contact me.
  13. so who alls going to whitman?
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