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  1. I'm changing my answer to 1997. Three reasons: BT - ESCM Chicane - Far From the Maddening Crowds Daft Punk - Homework
  2. I'm surprised there's not already a thread about this. (unless I overlooked it) http://www.swtor.com/ Developer walkthrough just released August 21: http://pc.ign.com/dor/objects/816935/bioware-mmo-project/videos/gcom09_oldrepublic_spc1_082109.html Who's getting this game?
  3. No, but I consider myself a fallibilist and am certainly open to the possibility.
  4. Nuremberg trials August 14th, 2009 01:37 PM fffffff you are such a dumb fucker - nmcj Nuremberg trials August 14th, 2009 01:12 PM this post made me hate you. Not like "aww, fuck that anarchist emo" but actual hate... LOL no matter what I say, someone takes it the wrong way.
  5. Nuremberg trials July 31st, 2009 12:48 AM this post made me hate you. Not like "aww, fuck that anarchist emo" but actual hate... When I said I don't care whether it happened or not, I only meant so far as that either side of the story can be used to give more credibility to my ideology (Or rather, rejection of ideologies, as anarchism is hardly an ideology itself. It does not have all the answers, but only rejects certain ideas, much like atheism is not an explanation of the universe, but rather a rejection of a theistic explanation of the universe) Anyways, back on topic - I didn't mean that I don't care about genocide. In case you're wondering, I'm thinking that if the Holocaust did not happen, it was most likely a story to cover up the extent of the Allies' responsibility for civilian casualties. The U.S., for one, did have a huge surge of volunteers for the military before the war, many of them probably rookies with little training and a high rate of accidental (maybe even intentional) shootings of civilians.
  6. The closest thing I have is Fuck Macarena by MC Rage It's gabber.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cyue2Ra6Y5U
  7. is this the fucking Super AIDS they've been warning us about? Should I be shitting my pants right now?
  8. Actually, I really don't care whether the Holocaust happened or not. Either way, it proves a point about leaders creating false enemies that they are lauded for eliminating.
  9. I've read in several places that torture was used against the defendants at the Nuremberg trials, particularly those accused of genocide. How much truth is there to this statement? If anyone has any evidence to support it, I would love to see it. My searches have only turned up stories of Germans being prosecuted for torturing people.
  10. what does the purple part say? All I see is 4NN NG4J. or YE(qerwgklq3pc???????). and if i look at it upside down it sort of looks like HAN NAH
  11. err, not what I meant haha. I was thinking specifically of Coldplay when I wrote that. but uh, yeah...i actually own that album. (lifted) LOL. I can take a picture if you don't believe me. It won't be a lewd one, I'm afraid, though. O.O
  12. because the vocalists sound like pussies. sing it like you fucking mean it, or get the hell off the stage.
  13. Poast more yewtubes, guise. Marco V - Propaganda This is easily album of the year for me so far. That link is in no way definitive of the album. Every track is totally different. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyXuSmF5oFk&fmt=18 That was pretty cool until about 0:53
  14. As always, I'll recommend some trance & progressive house. DJ Eco's American Blues EP parts 1 and 2 TyDi - Look Closer. released just 1 week ago ambient: Soliquid - Transportation Solar Fields - Movements
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