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    i like to read ingredients on gum...plain flavored gum.
  1. trippy brown kid, toby? really??
  2. Can somebody post a list of mountain region tourneys happening this year? Thanks, Ruwan
  3. I didn't know you're one of those SoCal kids
  4. Rocky: Lloyd/Ellenwood (4-0) Fort Collins : Carney/Jayasumana (3-1) Fort Collins: Nelson/Joeris (3-1) Rocky: Reddy/Tivona (3-1)
  5. anyone going to utnif plan II?
  6. rsjayruwsjay


    Scott and i went 5-7 Rocky mtn went 7-5 (I think)
  7. Sure, but it doesn't reflect my views about society. So, nope. Sorry jonny boy. I know you tried, but you failed. P.S. WHen alex calls someone out, shit's goin down.
  8. go ahead. Try. I'm waiting. and it can't be a word like "i" or a phrase like "i'm a little poshit named jon."
  9. Hehe that's also what fred phelps said.
  10. That sounds pretty racist to me p.s. you spelled surprise wrong
  11. how bout this: Real mature jON
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