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  1. look, I am sure that your file is quite good, but I am not sure I am willing to spend money on it. I am just looking for a camp file that everyone should have access to, but I cannot find.
  2. no thank you, I am not looking for an exceptional file, just something to base my work off of. I know that people on this forum will sometimes put up a camp file which is on media fire or something like that, so that is what I am waiting for.
  3. like I said I do not have anything to trade because I am no longer in high school. That is why I am looking for a file that is accessible to everyone - like a camp file or something. Thanks for the offer though.
  4. I am working on something and I need a file to answer the Kato kritik. If someone could post a link to a camp file or something that would be nice. Since I am out of high school I have no evidence to offer in return for this. Thanks
  5. which camp put out an algae neg?
  6. Well, he could have chose not to endorse. Like he did in the last election.
  7. Does this mean that the election is pretty much over?
  8. and then Nancy Pelosi has Bush and Cheney assassinated and takes over the country - the ultimate doomsday scenario
  9. I have a sinking feeling that we will be hearing some of the personal attacks that the campaigns have used against each other the past few days. Like the Obama-Ayers relationship and McCain and the Keating 5. Although I hope Obama doesn't go there and instead focuses on his policies.
  10. my respect for John McCain has just dropped once again. This is a disgusting attack and it should be pointed out the McCain called Hillary's health care plan "lipstick on a pig" as well. I am starting to think that is only reason why Palin was chosen - because she is a woman and McCain could use the gender card to enrage some voters. This is really disgusting.
  11. plus we need to start the long-postponed war against endangered species
  12. To quote Palin, obviously Reid meant that he cant stand up to John McCain
  13. She has tons of quals... waaaaay more than Obama. Like she was a mayor and a governor for almost two years and uhhh... She is a hockey mom... And did I mention that she has more experience than Obama! Besides, your just being a sexist pig!
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