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  1. Honestly, the masturbation aff is the only irony file that I've ever seen on irony and those are the only cards that people seem to use. I'm sure someone has done it somewhere before, but I don't think it's a strategic aff. That's just my opinion though.
  2. I judged a round a few weeks ago and the 2A's computer crashed during his 2AC. The rest of his speech was terrible and the aff dropped pretty much everything. The 1AR tried to revive things a little, but not very successfully. Then the 2AR was spent telling me how awesome and cool I am. He went on for probably two and a half minutes just telling me I am awesome. It was pretty weird and uncomfortable.
  3. Niloc

    Star Wars Episode 7

    Who should be the new director of Star Wars? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lK9h_o1EqM4&feature=plcp
  4. Niloc

    BYU Debate

    So the situation right now is that there are a bunch of us who would like to debate at BYU, but they're having trouble finding a department who will sponsor us. That's one hurdle right now. Also, the school will not allow us to compete on Sundays, which pretty much destroys any chance of competing in out-rounds of tournaments. So we're trying, but there are some issues to be resolved.
  5. I doubt very many people from utah use this site, but anybody going to this?
  6. http://www.bostondebate.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Policy-Debate-Manual.pdf
  7. Does anybody have a copy of the debate handbook that one of the camps put out a few years ago? I can't remember which camp it was, but it was a pretty comprehensive file that had good explanations for policy debate. It might have been emory, but I can't remember. Nevermind...I found it. Mod can delete this thread
  8. I had a question about judging high school rounds. I've been separately hired by a school to judge for a tournament, but what is the usual convention for being hired by the tournament. I ask just because usually it says on a tournament invite that there will be a number of hired judges in case teams don't bring judges. I would assume you just talk to the tournament director, but I thought I would still pose the question to those who have a good answer.
  9. Niloc


    Has anyone ever seen a legitimate negative win going for A-Spec in the 2NR? I went for it once in my high school career and rightfully lost. Has anyone ever won with or lost to A-Spec legitimately? Not just the aff forgot to answer it. Just curious to hear some stories about this.
  10. This seems pretty non-competitive to me. I think you're going to have a hard time on the perm debate. Also, I think it's going to be pretty hard for you to find a specific solvency advocate for the CP, which brings up a slew of different problems. However, if you want to run it make sure you are convincing. Just make sure you have good solvency evidence and make your perm blocks legit. I think it would also be good to have another specific net-benefit to the CP other than tix. Something specific to why China funding the plan is best, which may be hard. Anyway, these are just my thoughts. Hope it helps.
  11. Niloc

    BYU Debate

    Bump...Sounds like there might be a debate team at BYU this year. I'm trying to get more information, but I've heard that the "team" has been recently reorganized and they want to do some policy debate. I'll keep you posted.
  12. Hey, just had a quick question about open ev. I want to just download all of the campfiles to my hard drive, but don't want to do it one by one. Is there a way to download all of the camp files at once? Thanks
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