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  1. Already tried this, not sure who ran it last year.
  2. I need either the 1AC cards or 1AC cites for Georgetown Day's 2010-11 torture aff. They used to be online but somehow disappeared. I have just about everything to trade.
  3. I understand, I'm looking for what cards authored by D and G that people usually reference that make that argument, i.e. if D and G problematize crisis-based politics and indict their truth claims. I don't have to win rivers of blood to win my aff "outweighs" but I'd like some evidential support that takes care of the disad's constructedness
  4. Looking for reasons why loss of agency is bad- probably something along the lines of no vtl. Butler would be the primary author of this evidence but others are fine too. Thanks.
  5. Heidegger has phenomenal links. Apparently notions of leaving the earth create it as a standing reserve...
  6. If you run wipeout you should comply with your literature and kill yourself
  7. Hey, need an orientalism backfile if anyone has one. I have GDI's. Anything with China-specific threat con links would be good.
  8. Thanks dude. Much appreciated.
  9. Anyone have a good generic shapiro k? I have all the stuff from the Africa and Poverty topic so anything else would be greatly appreciated. I haz lots of files if anyone wants to trade.
  10. Hmm, possibly. Not too familiar with the argument.
  11. Hey, been a while since I last posted here. I need some slavery impact cards, preferably ones that compare it to war or I can use to construct an ethical framework with. I would also like a Representations K, preferably ones with lots of Poverty, Racism, Dehumanization links. I haven't been able to find links out of the evidence I have, so it'd be much appreciated. I have lots of evidence, pm me with what you would like in return.
  12. A. Thread title: "Last debate". Also, I've never been much of a disad/cp guy. Jack was originally going to post Heidegger but he never did lol. I didn't have the evidence and I didn't feel like finding it either. I guess T ended up being enough though. B. Yeah. Eh, it wasn't really clear until the 1AR that he was making brink arguments (and on T so I was still in the dark) so I thought I'd just include responses in the 2NR and they just seemed to fit better in the overview I set up like a disad. C. Yeah if I was debating with speech limits I probably wouldn't have posted full paragraphs of text that he said lol. But I do think quoting him emphasized my points a little more, wouldn't you agree?
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