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  1. Which is the best form of PHA for this year's topic? If I were to write an aff, what would be the best thing to do as far as killer solvency and impacts?
  2. i got TCDG. I PM'd you
  3. Who are you and where are you from? And, what division are you talking about? Advanced or Novice? In Advanced, it will be interesting. There are alot of teams that are pretty even. I don't know about Novice.
  4. I've got some stuff. You got anything for Africa? If not something specific, do you have any thing applicable to Africa? PM me or post here. Stephen
  5. Is there any info on this years summer camp at Emory. I can only find info on last years. Is the application up yet or any kind of info for that matter. I was thinking about going, but can't find any info for this year. If anyone knows anything, let me know. Thanx, Daniel
  6. I went last year. It was a great camp for novices and a decent camp for advanced. The amount of ev isn't amazing, but the quality is fairly good (as far as ready to use files). Good lab leaders and lectures, overall I enjoyed it and found it helpful for the year. I would recommend it. Hope that helps.
  7. Hey, I can't get a copy of "Technological Imperatives: Using Computers in Academic Debate" anywhere. I found it on ERIC, but it didn't have the actual text. Does anyone have this. The authors are Ticku, Ravinder; Phelps, Greg. I need this badly. Thanks in advance. Daniel
  8. That's what everyone said about this year's topic when it was announced, but now most ppl like it. That's the way it is, ppl will complane then they will accept it and realize that the topic really isn't the crap that they thought it was.
  9. I have to work on the answer to the perm, but as to the K itself. It is not a language K, it is a specialized Ageism K. It isn't neccessarily saying that using the word 'senior citizen' is bad or ageist, it is saying that the Senior Corp's definition of "your a Senior citizen and can join when your so and so years old" is an ageist attitude, and once you break down that barrier of saying you are a old enough now we can begin to fight ageism. It is a tweeked version of the Miami aff. Look at that for the cards. I don't have it with me now, so I am fuzzy on some of the details, but it is not a pure language K. I do have to work on the perm though, that is very much true
  10. Here is my personal strategy, whether or not it is good is yet to be seen. I haven't hit Senior Corps yet. However, I do run it. Anyways: 1. 'Senior Citizen' K - This basically is an Adv turn run as a K/NB. It says that the construction of the idea of 'seniors' is ageist, and the only way to actually solve for ageism is to deconstruct this idea. It specifically deals with Senior Corps. 2. Remove all age barriers CP - This says that we should remove ALL age barriers to Senior Corps as a means to deconstruct the idea of 'seniors'. This radical stance against ageism is key to jump start the de-ageist movement. Then we go on to how we solve better. We solve all of the aff, plus we get better qualified ppl. (aka younger ones, we don't actually say this, kind of screws up the ageism arg, but you get the idea). Plus we solve for ageism and they actually make it worse. So..... the best policy option is?
  11. I am not aff, I don't run coast guard. I am talking about when I am neg against coast guard. The fact of the matter is that you have really good DAs that the aff cant get out of.
  12. Just to let you know, the nuke subs trade-off DA doesn't really link. The budget for the nuke subs is under the DoD. The coast guard is under DHS. That is why I wrote the icebreakers trade-off DA. I like trade-off DAs alot, but the ones I had (F-22 and nuke subs) only linked to typical military cases. So, I wrote the icebreakers DA so that is could link to other cases, specifically Coast Guard. It can also link to fire corps, i think maybe citizen corps, but anything that is under the Department of Homeland Security. In the file, there is a card that says the DHS budget is zero sum. If you run this DA against a case other than that of CG, put this card in as the link. Say the plan has to spend money, or put in a spending link card that you have, and leave the U and Impacts the same. But, you can't really run both Nuke Subs and Icebreakers against Coast Guard. Unless of course, the aff says that the CG is under the DoD in wartime. (I had this happen to my novices, they ran icebreakers in the 1NC, in CX the aff said that the CG was under DoD in wartime, then in the 2NC they ran Nuke subs and the aff was effectively screwed.)
  13. There are some real good neg files from SDI 5-wk and DDI that you could use. The integrate the navy CP seems viable. I put together a spending trade-off DA for the coast guard. The neg files also have DAs. Find those. You can download them from the thread in Evidence Trading called Camp Files. Go to page 5. It is post 118 or 119. There are plenty of camps to download. Hope that helps.
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