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  1. Does anyone have the michigan files from 04-05?
  2. thebutton

    UT Longhorn Classic

    I know in dubs: St. Marks GM def. Highland Park (2-1_ Westwod XK won on a (3-0) Westwood MG won. in octos Westwood KX def. St. Marks GM on a 3-0
  3. If someone could get the following article I'd appreciate it greatly. Lebo, Stuart E. Jr.; Gargulak, Jerry D. and McNally, Timothy J. (2001). "Lignin". Kirk‑Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. DOI:10.1002/0471238961.12090714120914.a01.pub2
  4. Steven is right, Westwood CD picked up.
  5. I think federal election reform won't be too terrible. I mean at least we'd get to debate the courts. Though, it'd be nice if it was on something other than Federal elections. I'm backing Space and Federal Election Reform.
  6. Does anyone have the 2005 Michigan 7-week files?
  7. Does anyone know of a good impact card to slavery? (as if slavery isn't it's own impact)
  8. do you mind sending the cite for the Stauv card?
  9. I'am favoring Bronx for the win they are crazy good.
  10. thebutton


    Does anyone have any cards saying preemptive doctrine bad, in a general context, as in just the idea of attacking before being attacked is bad?
  11. Is there a card that says that? I mean arguably the threat could be BD loss/ Global Warming etc. From what it sounds like this links to the fact that the 1ac has harms. The thread you linked to at least made it that way, if someone ran it that way what would be the strat against it.
  12. What is it? Args against it? ANything would be nice.
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