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  1. umm we didn't debate you.... nvm u prob debated another meadows team
  2. Damn cross-x, server was too busy and i clicked it twice :-)
  3. Seconded, and congrats to damien who had an amazing tournament this weekend. Good work.
  4. Meadows with a train load of kids
  5. wow...true disappointment. I was looking forward to doing work on space :-( but oh well. On another note, I cannot imagine how the space topic would really play out, and I can fully understand the choices made for next year's resolution. Also, polls from cross-x are really irrelevant, i simply want to echo antonucci on this... On another note, to respond to some of the things ankur has said... I certainly don't think "quality of arguments" is lacking in modern debate, as ankur has stated, and I really think that statement does a disservice to debaters who do take the time to get specific. Maybe if you are watching bad debates then rounds are won on tricky inflations of little concessions or dropped arguments, but I really don't think that comparison is a legitimate one for the debate community as a whole. Also, no responsive case strats? are you kidding? have you seen damien impact turn the 1AC for 8 minutes, and not just damien, many teams have been winning on adv. counterplan and case turns this year... i really don't know where you are getting this from, and while it may be true in certain circumstances, it is definitely not descriptive of the entire debate community. Finally, I would agree that debate has focused on quality of "argumentation" as opposed to the quality of the arguments themselves, yet, people often gain lot of headway in debates just by pointing out the non-existence of internals to politics disads etc. People win on bad arguments, but case specific strategies and case specific research certainly exists, and if your links suck, your probably not going win debates (at least against better teams).
  6. Meadows will be there. My first tournament of the year, thank god. (screw the ACT)
  7. Blaublau


    Can someone post the octas pairing when they come out? Congrats to everyone !! I'm sad I couldn't make it
  8. Head Royce and Meadows BS received their at larges
  9. congrats to CPS KV, who qualed after dubs
  10. 13: Jordan Martellaro (Bingham) 14: Rebecca Steiner(San Dieguito) 15: Paul VanMiddlesworth (St. Stephen's) 16: Debbie Oh (GBN) 17: Christine Yu (Harker) 18: Jordan Moliver (Gulliver) 19: Rich Graham (Dallas Jesuit) 20: Justin Blau (Meadows)
  11. just stop, this is ridiculous....
  12. dylan.. Meadows SK lost in partials Meadows BS lost in quarters to GBN OZ
  13. she's saying that "you're a liat and a thief, no, you are going to send it to sydnor (jim sydnor who used to go to mountainbrook)
  14. Blaublau

    Irony Aff

    vote neg, cause that would be ironic
  15. that was hilarious, good job taping that gabs
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