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  1. Hi All, Check out the new PF Camp in LA this summer. Info is as follows: About the Program: The Pacific Forensics Institute will be held in two sessions from July 8-12 and July 15-19 on the campus of Loyola Marymount University. LMU has been recognized by the Princeton Review as the most beautiful campus in the country, but and also has superb facilities for debate classes and tournaments. The session are separated for Junior Varsity and Varsity debaters, respectively, to facilitate a learning environment that is best suited to improving the skills of debaters at all levels. The $375 tuition covers the costs of the 5 day intensive, registration fee for the end of session tournament, PFI T-shirt, and a two month subscription to the PFI brief books. The program does not include room and board, and transportation must be provided by the students. However, if any students outside of Southern California are interested in attending the program, on-campus housing may be available for an additional cost. The Curriculum: Public Forum debate is one of the newest and most free-form formats of debate in the US. Because of its open nature, there is a wide degree of argumentation available for a PFD debater to choose from. The rich and diverse debate background of the PFI staff can provide an unprecedented scope of knowledge in the way debate works. Public Forum allows for debate teams to choose individual strategies; and PFI can hone and sharpen any individual approach to debate and help a debater’s ability to look critically at any debate topic to pinpoint the important principles in any debate. Pacific Forensics Institute offers a comprehensive curriculum that will include general speech practice including drills, as well as elective lectures on various topics. Public Forum Debate has more limiting time constrains than many other forms of debate so elements such as word economy and time allocation will be stressed as well as things like rhetorical fluency and persuasive power. Elective topics will include research and case construction, the art of persuasion, argument selection versus line-by-line, philosophical versus pragmatic argument construction and speech writing tutorials, and applying debate skills to the “real world,” among others. And most importantly, if any student wishes to work on a particular area or skill set that can be obliged. Application Process: Simply fill out the application which may be accessed on the website or requested via email and send it in. Payments may be mailed in full or paid in installments up to the first day of the program. Please note that nonrefundable deposit of $150 must be mailed to PFI at least 3 weeks prior to the Institute starting. You may contact us at: PFInstitute09@gmail.com Or PO Box 45281 LA, CA 90045
  2. do we need to register to judge? and are they paying judges?
  3. Wow, you know I have nothing to do when I visit Cross-x.... I think Greg Sobetski is a show off, even though that has nothing to do with me. He is coming to visit me next month. I live vicariously in the policy world through my very successful ex-partner, Lincoln. I am so proud of him (and jealous). I actually live in Los Angeles and run out of money quickly, but never run out of places to go.
  4. CX in Southern Colorado ceases to exist any longer. My partner and I were the last team in Southern Colorado last season. It's dead in SoCo because: A) There aren't any legitimate coaches, and the legit ones don't want to invest the time and energy in CX or are biased against it because they are "old-school", meaning they reject the evolution of policy into a highly intensive research-based activity rather than more manner-based debating. Also, coaches in our region are paid next to nothing or do it as a volunteer, this acts as an independent reason that coaches don't want to have policy teams; it would mean a much greater time and energy commitment to the team. The random attempts to do policy rarely survive because 1. There is no competition in the region because of A. 2. Strict CHSAA rules about traveling without a coach, etc, etc. So even the singular teams that want to do the research and pursue policy tournaments can't because SoCo schools stick to a strict Southern Circuit schedule that doesn't permit the students to travel up north at all. My partner and I were able to thwart this because we didn't have a legitimate coach in HS and had a friend in Denver who acted as our coach/judge when we went up north. And, once it's gone, I doubt it will be revived: 1. Old coaches pass the torch to new coaches, and consequently are only trained for IEs, PF, and LD. Policy seemed like the third rail at my school; we went through four coaches, but none of them wanted to deal with policy. 2. And, with the growing popularity of PF, I see no real incentive for anyone to jump start policy. That's just my take, and that's just the Southern Colorado region.
  5. Congratulations Creek on your break. Way to rep Colorado.
  6. You fucker. I didn't know you were going or else I would have come home earlier!! God damn you.
  7. oh my gosh! Apologies to Durka, I have no idea why I put Rishi, I suppose Fruedian slip because I am used to him posting things? Or rather formerly posting things in this region. I hope you can forgive my blunders... PS- Durka I love you more than Tobs and Rishi!
  8. Rishi, I would say in order to have any of the modern benefits that come with legitimate policy debate, just move out of the region. There will NEVER be a big enough coalition of people in the mountain region who want to change the squo. Join the TOC circuit! Better debate, and every discloses and uses laptops! Plus legit judges!
  9. I would like to judge at Chey East but, being it's in Wyoming....
  10. meh. we'll see gas is expensive. as is a hotel. but it would be cool
  11. Congratulations to Kent Denver, this is the deepest (ONLY ONE OTHER) Colorado team has EVER gone at a national tournamment. We are all rooting for you guys at home!!
  12. updates on the kent damien loverly smackdown?
  13. It's true though, the film was more focused on the varsity team from Long Beach, and not on the actual sport of debate. Even when they filmed the Berkeley tournament, all interviewers spoke about Long Beach, not about debate, not about the tournament, but about the two varsity debaters from Long Beach. It was dissapointing how misconstrued their advertising was for this film. I anticipated one that would give the viewer a showcase of debate, not a one-sided, biased view. I felt like the directors of this film portrayed ALL white debaters as racists and elitists. It turned into a huge political debacle rather, that essentially glorified Long Beach and their struggle than a documentary seeking to educate all viewers on the sport that is policy debate. It's undeniable that the film does not focus on the sport of debate.
  14. Durka! I got neg repped for calling you Hindu!! ahhh. lol. i love you
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