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  1. I was wondering if you still had the ospec file from a while ago. Your message on the thread stood out. thanks in advance

  2. Name: Michael Raven High School: Hays High College: KU Major: political science and philosophy Debating: nope
  3. I ran the eco-buddhism kritik all this year. I started using the file released by WDW, which I helped cut, but then I personally added another 100 pages or so of my own research/blocks. I do agree that this argument functions better as a kritik. Uniqueness issues seem to be hard to overcome. If you would like to talk to me about the argument as a criticism feel free to hit me up. You can PM me or talk to me on AIM. My screenname is mraven05. I have some ideas for next years poverty topic related to buddhism.
  4. know what are the better arguments against your position and write efficient but good blocks to them, it helps you not waste prep time and allows you to organize your thoughts preround to make it best, also, take the K proper and leave framework and perms for the 1nr
  5. ATP = A Thousand Plateaus
  6. i'd help out, email is michaelraven05@gmail.com
  7. I have no experience with JDI but I attended WDW for the last three years and all I can say is that it was amazing. The lab leaders and staff not only make your stay there enjoyable, but they are all extremely well versed in all types of debate arguments. Like Ryan said the housing and food is great and the campus is awesome. You had said that you are looking for a camp that will increase your skills and WDW is the perfect one for this. There are practice rounds every day with a tournament at the end of the second and third weeks. The best thing about these practice rounds is the post-round critiques where your judges really help you understand your arguments better. It's not just a card cutting factory like some of the bigger camps, but that's not to say that WDW doesn't put out quality evidence. We still use many files we cut over the summer. In conclusion, the only thing I can say is that WDW has been the biggest influence on my debate career, and I'm sure that it could help you as well regardless of what argument you would like to specialize in. If you have any specific questions feel free to hit me up on AIM my screename is mraven05 or you could email me at michaelraven05@gmail.com
  8. exile05

    1 OFF

    When we go one off we read our links of course, then on the impact level we do a few things, first we say aff impacts are inevitable without the alternative, second we read a comparative piece of evidence between their impact and ours, then we read alt text, then generic alt solvency followed by aff specific alt solvency.
  9. this is a very vague question, what ethic do you want to advocate? or are you instead looking for ethics bad? if you could specify i'm sure we could help you a lot more
  10. ADI put out an ecopoetics aff which is Heideggerian
  11. exile05

    Wichita East

    does anyone know the laptop policy in rounds at this tournament, can we flow on them as debaters?
  12. I'm pretty sure MGW put out a "Power K" thats biopower, it has Foucault as well as Agamben in it.
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