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  1. i do this as well, but myflows tend to be messy, so its hard to tell if the arg is mine or theirs... so im starting to use 2 pens.
  2. paper vertical left->right paper vertical right->left. paper horizontal left->right paper horizontal right->left.
  3. LOL... yea like that'll work... hmm... i wonder if it does... lol
  4. as my dad debated back in the day, my parents are fine with me debating, infact, they like that im debating... ive learned stuff about GOP(EWWW!!!) and the Democrats that i prolly wouldnt have otherwise...
  5. another thing... your not killing your solvency, wipeout is just like saying that we kill everyone off the face of the earth... this could also access your advantages because the harms wouldnt be harms anymore... they wouldnt affect us if were dead... plus alot of wipeout shells ive seen have had suffering as a harm that it solves... but its pretty easily answered...
  6. the rule of 3s i mean 3 min no air 3 days no water 3 weeks no food 3 months no shelter
  7. organization 13 and Lamp - all you have to do is run a shitload of os good then IL it to your N. War mpx... also... ok, all you have to do is answer with the fact that the US and other countries wouldnt be so stupid to launch all of their nukes at ONE target, they'd spread out the area of them... and we all know the destructiveness of WW2 right? A SINGLE nuke is the equivalent of TEN WW2s. also, think of the harms of preemptive strikes, who ever said that NUKES would be used to make them.. if we cruise missle a nuke silo in, say Iran that is housing 10 nukes... the whole place goes up, and then add an area 10 miles across with the destructive force of 100 WW2s. talk about one big-ass crater... plus, if we all try to preemptively strike each other, then all nukes would be off the ground in an attempt to blow up the others before those get off the ground.... the U.S. had 1600+++ more nukes then the next runner up... im not sure on the exact amount, but still... its bad shit.and we wouldnt have to nuke water, just land... if the land is uninhabitable, then the people that flee to the sea would wind up starving to death. by the time you manage to FIND a spot to farm, to FIND unpolluted water, your rule of 3s will be long gone.. also, the guy that wrote ur article, enstein the 12th, has a web site DEDICATED to that kind of thing.,.. i think he might be a bit bias...
  8. dude thats like the CSI finale the other year.... i dont remember which year... i think it was 2004....
  9. neither .... secret option C rules!!!
  10. seriously dude... thats like rated G...
  11. hey, how did the break rounds wind up going? all i heard is that jesuit closed out... not sure how true this is... i was only there judging a novice round saturday morning...
  12. he makes a point... wipeout goes best, in my mind, with the Draft aff... about 99.999999....% of all Disads run against u will have extinction mpx... so as long as one of ur advantages doesnt claim to solve nuke war... its pretty good.. one way to do it is to read like 7 advantages but NO solvency, then in ur 2ac, extend ur mpx, extend THEIR no solvency args, then wipe the shit outta them and argue that there is NO WAY to solve for them except by killing everyone, plus this solves all suffering, so thus you claim an extra advantage... sorta... now the only thing is to make a shitload of T blocks.... lol and cool mew - the wipeout shell that my squad has is badass and takes MAYBE a minute to read... plus it isnt that hard to argue that Nuke War -> extinction. also, there are a ton of args u can make that potential abus isnt a voter etc. Draft IS the most T aff out there, and since 99.999999....% of all DAs run against it will have extinction mpx, you have to expect that SOME team will run wipeout.... so they can just argue against your inevitable "aff infinite prep" that Draft IS the most common aff out there, so you HAD to be able to predict it, and again, 99.9999999....% of all DAs run against it have extinction mpx... so the NEG team should be prepared to answer that kind of impact turn... there you go... Theory answered.
  13. yea.. i just didnt have as much time to get on the website... then i posted that... tried to come back on later, but couldnt remember my password.... so the my1armakesukuku person... me, but after i posted that last bulletin i remembered! woot! yea ive played Baulurs Gat 2 as well... just trying to get ahold of the expansion pack Throne of Bhall without having to buy the WHOLE thing over again... it looks like thats the only way to get it though... *sigh*
  14. new topic!!! video games!, which one is your favorite? lol.... that was random
  15. ok... WTF!?!?!?!?! i prefer the butter, i dont like to eat furry animals. especially there ass. its the most consumed part of the cow/horse/whatever the hell other kinda animal u eat. lol so you'd be eating a big-ass fuzzy-ass.
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