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  1. **In no particular order** GBN HB v Lexington CF - Matheson, Foley, Blumenthal MBA HS v Lexington CS - Heidt, D., Miller, Haley-Hill St. Marks MB v Whitney Young NR - Watson, Peterson, Harrison GDS SH v GBS HJ - Heidt, J., Sadagopal, Liu Westminster AT v Brother Rice CH - Voss, Johnson, Hammond GBN PP v OPRF HH - Quinn, Layton, Gibson Iowa City West HD v Edina SS - Sanchez, Gjerpen, Duffy Homewood-Flossmore GS v GBS TS - Mahoney, Grusin, Lanning -Jon
  2. Quarters: New Trier CS d. GBS MZ (2-1) Whitney Young GH d. Homewood Flossmore GH (3-0) Glenbrook North MP d. Glenbrook South SV (3-0) Glenbrook North SS d. Glenbrook South DT (2-1) Semis: Whitney Young GH v. Glenbrook North MP - Batterman, Najor, Kaplan Glenbrook North SS v. New Trier CS - Weber, McKinney, Kirsch
  3. GBS TD (aff) d. Bronx ME - 3-0 (Smith, Voss, Rogan) Congrats to both teams on an awesome tournament!
  4. Whitney Young d. Edina - 2-1 - *Peterson, Corrigan, Heidt
  5. Congrats to Kevin and Miseal, Laura and Steve, their coaches, and all of the other debaters who debated well enough to compete on Monday. Judging the final round was a pleasure. --Jon
  6. From the 3NR: Quarters is Woodward/GBN, Westlake/Bronx, Westminster/Westminster, and Damien/Whitney Young.
  7. Hi All, As a result of a last minute cancellation, Sheboygan North needs a policy debate judge for CFL nationals in Albany. We pay well. Someone in the Albany area would obviously be ideal, but I'm willing to work out alternate solutions given this request's short notice. A small amount of experience in policy debate is acceptable -- this job only involves covering a few rounds, not cutting cards/strategy work, etc. Email me if interested: jvoss1223@gmail.com --Jon
  8. Backchannel please? jvoss1223@gmail.com --Jon
  9. Sheboygan North Knoedler/Mills Sheboygan North Letson/Pakkebier
  10. Real_Coach

    2009 NDT

    Word is the aff will be new
  11. Could anyone post a more thorough update?
  12. A Couple of ideas... Vetlesen 2k -- the Journal of Peace Research, Volume 37, No 4. July 2000 (I only have a hard copy of this article, and I'm too lazy to OCR it...it's very good though, and probably available via JSTOR, Proquest, etc) Campbell ‘1 [Kenneth. Genocide and the Global Village. “Misunderstanding Genocide,” Page 26] Genocide is the supreme crime! It is arguably the worst crime that can be committed in the present global system of nation-states and peoples. Genocide is equal to or worse than the crime of aggression. Genocide attacks civilization itself. Contemporary civilization is based upon certain fundamental shared moral values, one of which is the principle that groups of people have the right to exist as a distinct nationality, raced, ethnicity, and religion. If left unchecked, genocide eats away like a cancer at the structure of global society, eventually undermining and destroying just those international institutions designed to foster global cooperation, mitigate global conflict, and avoid global catastrophe such as the world experienced in the 1930s and 1940s. Most scholars, political analysts, and policymakers, unfortunately treat genocide as a mere humanitarian concern, having little to do with the traditional interests of nation-states. They too often fail to see genocide as a threat to strategic global interests, such as political stability, economic prosperity, peace, and security. Genocide, in fact, occupies a unique area of overlap between humanitarian concerns and more traditional state interests to the degree that international peace and security are indivisible in a world of rapidly increasing globalization. For globalization not only speeds up the positive effects of open markets, open technologies, and open societies, it increases the spread of pathological behavior such as genocide. You might want to cut more of this book if you have access to it...lots of "genocide bad" cards. V
  13. 1. Glenbrook North MS -- Flynn Makuch & Victor Shao 2. Glenbrook South QT -- Colin Quinn & Will Thibeau **The alternates were New Trier GS (Ross & Ira) and Glenbrook North OZ (Debbie and Vinay), but I don't know which one was the first alternate and which was the second. --Jon
  14. HP is Aff, Marquette is neg. The aff is Cellulosic Ethanol -- oil, warming, and food prices. Marquette's 1NC included a theory argument that the affirmative must defend the "whole rez", a free market (don't pick a winner) counterplan, a coercion disadvantage, and a synoptic dillusion argument that posits the government is not truly capable of "knowing" the economy.
  15. Semis: Marquette BH (AFF) v Glenbrook North MS -- Wunderlich, Abelkop, Bruce GBS MS v Highland Park JK -- Batterman, Song, ? (I'm too lazy to go and re-look at the pairing) --Jon
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