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  1. from what i have gathered Luke Brinker is in finals of FX. So congrats to him.
  2. if they are declining the contestant has chosen not to attend the national tournament for one reason or another and obviously if they are deferring it is because they have qualified twice or three times and have chosen one event over the other
  3. Policy Debate: NQ Campus: Brayden Barrientez and Shelbie Konkel NQ Northwest: Preston Peer and Logan Thomas 3rd Place Maize: Tyler Joe and Josh Raftopoulos (Declining) NQ Andover Central: Eric Benedict and Cole Davidson LD: NQ East: Norin Ansari 2nd Place Campus: Shelbie Konkel (Defers to Policy) 3rd Place Goddard: Ethan Locke (Declining) NQ Valley Center: Tom Garvey PFD: NQ East: Bradley and Sridhar NQ East: Lank and Husain Congress: Senate- 1st Place Andover Central: Eric Benedict (Defers to Policy) 2nd Place Northwest: Preston Peer (Defers to Policy) 3rd Place East: Evan Hernandez (Defers to Oration) NQ Goddard: Andrew Jamison 5th Place Campus: Brayden Barrientez (Defers to Policy) 6th Place Maize: Tyler Joe (Defers to USX) 7th Place Valley Center: Tom Garvey (Defers to LD) NQ East: Taben Azad House- NQ Goddard: Casey Donnell NQ East: Chris Clark NQ Campus: Devyn Gourley FX: NQ East: Weenie Wang (Four Time National Qualifier) NQ East: Jonathan Lewallen USX: NQ East: Jo Behrman NQ Maize: Tyler Joe 3rd Place Campus: Brayden Barrientez (Defers to Policy) NQ Valley Center: Brett Seidl OO: NQ Goddard: Eric Moody NQ East: Evan Hernandez HI: NQ Campus: Shane Rogers NQ Campus: Tyler Pennick DI: NQ East: Adrianna Marie Turner NQ Valley Center: Erin Stone DUO: NQ Valley Center: Kline and Rubia NQ East: Rozof and Campbell
  4. Sunflower: Noushin Ansari - Wichita East House Weenie Wang - Wichita East IX West Kansas: Sarah Shier - Salina Central Senate Flint Hills: Jesse Marden - Manhattan House Alex Bonnet - Emporia Senate
  5. Does anyone know when the legislation packet will be coming out. I had also heard rumors that they were dividing it up and was wondering if anyone knew much.
  6. DX Matt Munday -Goddard NQ Creighton Coleman - Wichita Northwest NQ Eric Benedict - Andover Central NQ IX Andrew Carlson - Kapaun Pref Policy Weenie Wang - Wichita East NQ Jonathan Lewallen - Wichita East Pref Policy Josh Raftopoulos - Maize Pref PFD Brayden Barrientez - Campus NQ OO Julia Huxman - Maize NQ Ellie Hook - Andover NQ Andrew Dort - Bishop Carrol NQ HI Nick Clark - Valley Center NQ Kendall or Kenton Straight - Campus Pref Duo AJ Longabaugh - Goddard NQ DI Unaware of these results sorry Duo Kenton and Kendall Straight - Campus NQ Andover Guys - NQ Goddard Girls - NQ PFD Josh Raftopoulos and Brett Mundiger - Maize NQ Noushin Anasari and Rob Freeman - East Pref Congress Wichita East ???? - NQ LD Tom Garvey - Valley Center NQ Gerard Nikel - Kapaun Norin Ansari - East Pref Policy I believe Gerard has declined his NQ spot because of college classes or something and I believe that Hannah Wright from Wichita East will be taking that slot but I am not for sure. If someone has the full details please will in the blanks. Congress Senate: Creighton Coleman - Northwest Pref DX Matt Munday - Goddard Pref DX Andrew Carlson - Kapaun Pref Policy Karen Lickteig - East Pref Policy Eric Benedict - Andover Central Pref DX Logan Thomas - Northwest NQ Brayden Barrientez - Campus Pref IX Tyler Joe - Maize NQ If someone knows the DI results please fill those in and if there are any mistakes please let me know or fill free to correct them yourself.
  7. does anyone know when the prelims packet will be posted?
  8. sounds good are u looking for a specific scenario for iran strikes
  9. i have one what does ur russian relations disad say
  10. Quarters Aff - Manhattan (Bolten/Ellis) defeats Neg - Wichita Northwest (Coleman/Thomas) Neg - Goddard (Munday/Jamison) defeats Aff - Andover Central (Benedict/Stephens) Aff - Waru (Schroeders) defeats Neg - Emporia (Bonnet/Miller) Olathe Northwest (Rippberger/Thies) defeats Waru (Schultz/Goosen) Semis Neg Waru defeats Goddard Manhattan defeats ONW Finals Manhattan defeats Waru *I do believe these results are correct sorry about the second waru and olathe northwest team i never caught who broke. The tournament was ran very smoothly and efficient, thank you to Mrs. Fellers and the East squad.
  11. derek i thought dan said it was all copyrighted by the generals army
  12. hes sittin right by me thats how
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