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  1. devader

    Colorado College?

    yes we've gone to 3 and will go to plenty more next quarter
  2. devader

    The Macintosh

    haha, I actually didn't know that, that is definitely some good information to have
  3. I think that they are both atrocious and shouldn't happen again and that this is a stupid argument
  4. devader

    The Macintosh

    I know quite a few people who are able to do it quite effectively, and after two pc's that have internally broke down in a row, I am switching and buying a macbook pro.
  5. ok dude no one is inflating this to the absolute i haven't been doing that this entire time and it seems as if this is the only answer to my arguments that you have, the level of co2 is rising which is a fact that no environmental scientist will disagree with, and we need to take action to decrease it, this is not an absolute its a fact, its also much different than foreign affairs.
  6. again, you don't seem to grasp that I'm not defending al gore or anyone in the environmental movement. No scientist will disagree with the statement that carbon levels are likely increasing in the atmosphere, thus we should do something to prevent a possible huge impact. This is not the same as supposedly preventing iraq from creating more terrorism. Whereas flying and driving are both modes of transportation, global warming and Iraq are on completely seperate plans in that one involves foreign affairs between people in two countries whereas the other involves the climate of a planet affecting all peoples. Quite a difference thus you can't really use that type of reasoning. how is this nonresponsive I'd say it is very responsive to the warrant of whether carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmospher by asking a specialist on the question, I'd say it is much more responsive than any of your arguments so far. I think I'm done talking on this topic, nice debating you.
  7. yea just a quick response i do not think we should take radical change either i think the consequence of that would be severe. However your logic that taking action just in case it has real impacts would be like the iraq war is seriously flawed, first of all it is a science issue not a foreign affairs issue thus the consequences of taking action are dramatically different from each other. Second once again i am using my science professor's who have phd's in the field of environmental studies and have to read other academics papers on the issue of global warming, all my professor's believe in the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere thus there is truth in global warming unlike the iraq war. I'll get to the rest of the points later.
  8. I'll get into this debate later i've got class until 9 o'clock tonight
  9. I have read scientific papers and each one said that carbon levels were rising followed by a rise in carbon levels a rise in temperature would occur. Measuring carbon in the atmosphere is not a maybe or pretty sure type of thing it is something that can be precisely measured scientifically. those "reports" you supposedly read were probably from over five years ago and weren't done by scientists specializing in the field. Either way I don't know how this answers any of my argument yea that was kind of the point i was making. I agree al gore may be overexaggerating, however a) I'd rather take action just in case and I believe that it is very possible that the impacts could turn out very bad for us in the end, we have two examples of greenhouse gases and environmental effects at their worst, first, is venus whose entire atmosphere is made up of greenhouse gases and has an average temperature of 900 degrees fareihnheit and second is mars whose atmosphere is stripped. Most scientists including both my physics professor who has a doctorate and my environmental studies professor who has a doctorate disagree with you whole heartedly and say global warming isn't a debate any more and the only thing we can do now is understand the possible impacts and work to minimize them. Keep in mind, I never claimed the Al Gore, end of the world theory is right like he says that it is, however greenland has melted into the ocean at a rate faster than any scientist in the world has predicted along with the antarctic shelf. and to answer your argument that we would be like flies trying to stop a truck, 1) this is terrible logic, it is like saying we should sit back and accept possible death, and 2) if humans have enough power to raise carbon levels to a point they have never been before I am fairly sure we can do something to slow it down, maybe not solve the entire problem, but slow it down at the least.
  10. in my opinion terrible global warming not real/good cards
  11. okay first i want to say i was taking my information from a professor who got a doctorate in this field, second your first article is specific to temperature not carbon and is also two years old, on your second article, 1) it is focused on whether the impacts are as bad as they say they are or not which i said i didn't know and it doesn't answer the fact that carbon is increasing. 2) it doesn't assume any of the research outside of Al gore who is a hypocrit anyways. 3) its from the canadafreepress, i'm not sure that's a qualified source. and then your third article is completely specific to Al Gore and like i said i thought he could be exaggerating also. I do not want to get in a huge debate from this, this is what i believe and what i have seen when I researched it myself. Every qualified science site I have seen and not just an article from a newspaper or a freepress blog.
  12. there are absolutes about global warming, you will not find a qualified scientist that does not agree that carbon dioxide levels are not rising in the atmosphere and also higher than they have ever been. You also will find that every past example of Carbon dioxide rising has equaled increased temperatures. As to whether the effects are as bad as quickly as people like Al Gore may say is not completely proven, but they do think that the threat is real and will happen whether it is in 20 or 100 years. This means that we have a chance to slow any possible effects down however most scientists believe some type of effect is inevitable anyways
  13. How do you know anyone or anything exists in the first place, maybe the only thing that you know is that "you exist" so maybe everyone is schizophrenic lol
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