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  1. Agreed. I do think "LlamaNamedOSama" is correct in saying that Area 1 is the strongest region in the state FOR local California State types of debate, but I agree that this isn't the case for California debate overall, namely national circuit debate. On a similar note, it'd be great if the 11 other TOC teams did debate at state, but I think most of those teams realize that the type of debate they like to do doesn't necessarily coincide with the style of debate that occurs at state. Also, it doesn't help that state is the either the weekend of the NDCA (as it was last year I believe) or the weekend before the toc as it was this year. Obviously, it's hard to balance local and state debate with national circuit competition.
  2. I think most realize that California state is a whole different game then the toc and national circuit competition. I think it's flawed to say that toc caliber teams will naturally be the best at state. The reason why St. Francis and Bellarmine (2 teams who are going to the toc) got to semifinals and 1 to finals is not necessarily because they are toc-caliber teams but because they debate in the CFL (a league of area/region 1) which is the most competitive local league in the state (all 4 teams in semifinals and 6 of 7 teams in quarters) and thus know how to adapt the best. There's no doubt that being a toc-caliber team means that they have more knowledge than most other teams but I don't think that's the primary reason why those two teams had such vast success at states. And, I'm definitely not saying that these teams didn't deserve their success. They're obviously all great debaters.
  3. If your school signs off on letting you attend, you can attend under the school's name with a parent chaperone. That's referring specifically to the TOC.
  4. Talk with Hoon Ko (He's on this site). I'm sure he'd be willing to help out. He definitely knows the ins and outs of Northern California league debate.
  5. Does anyone have an impact to nanoterrorism?
  6. Congrats to both fullerton and jesuit for qualifying to the TOC. Both teams definitely deserve it.
  7. smart teams have cards that more than 125 million is needed. One team read that 4 billion is needed... Inherency doesn't help unless the aff reads perception advantages in which case inherency takes those out.
  8. Could I please get the cites to your CDC disease surveillance aff? Thanks Carl.Rice08@gmail.com
  9. cool. does anyone know what aff st marks ran this tournament?
  10. Hey, Could I please get your 1NC cites and 2NC framework (African reps key to policymaking) cites for your African reps K? Thanks Carl.Rice08@gmail.com
  11. Stanford allows independent entries if you have school approval and a chaperone. what school do you go to?
  12. Awesome, thanks. Is that trade good or bad? I'm not very familiar with trade as an advantage this year.
  13. Also I saw that Gulliver was signed up to attend the Omaha Westside tournament. I assume in policy debate. Which Gulliver teams are attending?
  14. I saw that Gulliver Prep was signed up as a school to attend Westside. I assume in policy debate. Does anyone with a team list know which Gulliver teams are attending?
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