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    being is a process of becoming. "identity" is for those too weak to create multiplicity out of the sea of nothingness.
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  1. hire John. not only does he know a lot about k lit, you're bound to have a good time after the tournament. Kevin and I hired him for greenhill last year... pretty good investment <3
  2. are you going to memmorial? No guarantees I can help you all year because clear springs is fucking far from austin, but I can still write that file you wanted me to write / explain the argument / coach you for memmorial if you want. aim me or somethin'
  3. Hey, just found out I will be at memorial this weekend, I am also available to coach/help/cut cards for any team that is attending that could use my help. I debated for four years in high school, three of which at Hightower, then Dulles my senior year and now am debating for Texas'. I got some shiny trophies, both locally and nationally and managed to pick up a bid my senior year, but if you debate around the Houston area or otherwise around Texas you probably know that already, so i don't think I need to get into details. I like critical arguments a lot, and can help with policy-oriented strategies as well. I read Nietzsche almost exclusively for the last two years of my debate career so I prefer k oriented teams, but it's no biggie. I already have a place to stay, too. give me a call, Shikhar dizshix91@gmail.com 832 606 5582
  4. NoSxp

    2009 NDT

    good question... if kansas is in finals, what did cal drop on?
  5. NoSxp

    UIL State

    haha I guess so... but as of the final round, cap was definitely bad thank god windmills kill bats though... that would have been a lot harder 2NR to justify. this was a great tournament, shout out to Avi, Mario, Kelly, Chris, Jeff and Karl (yes, with a K!) I enjoyed debating all of you, all be it at 15 words per minute Also props to westlake! Thank you for getting screwed by the judging and consequently not breaking... while that may have sucked, we couldn't have done it without your help!
  6. I've got a host of backfiles if you people are still interested... aim me: nostradamus09 also, I've gotten pretty good at reading this arg and will be selling a file after the TOC.
  7. NoSxp

    houston memorial

    "disad" lol, I think Layne was pretty thorough in explaining why that's simply not true.
  8. Aim me, I've got quite the slew of back files... :: Nostradamus09 also, I've gotten pretty good at executing this argument and will be selling a file after the TOC... so let me know if you're interested.
  9. nut check! I need cites to all of your WGLF shit you read at Colleyville, please post them on the wiki promptly good sir. That means: Nazi's had a Plan Timecube Spec-Spec (?WTF) Tropicality (+2NC Shit here.) Gregorian Calendar Just post everything you have run since colleyville / whenever the hell you started reading The WGLF. thanks!
  10. Pretty acurate; Greenhill read their Biofuels 1AC with Monoculture and 3-5 extinction claims, and then spent 4.5 miniutes prempting Nietzsche: Conolly, Fascing etc. The 1NC was iSpec The Pic Cap- Ethics Alt Wipeout Lament of the Lamb K; [schlag, DerDerrian 98, Saurette 96, Turanli 3, Sineculpa 93 *full cites will be on wiki soon. 2NC was wipeout, we read a few more scenarios. 1NR was Condo Good, Pics Good, Kick out of The Pic, Cap 2NR was wipeout; 2AR went for a moral obligation and framed the judge as a US policy maker and thus had to protect human life.
  11. NoSxp

    Johnston Card

    truth, the argument as I understand it is: capitalism is a system that over-determines our ideologies and requires our participation to exist (i.e. not only consumerism but our "faith" in the market so to speak) thus we should identify with an ethic that makes it possible to "withdraw ourselves" from the capitalist system and otherwise refuse to participate in it, which serves as an act of "hollowing out the system" an allowing it to fall on itself.
  12. NoSxp

    UT Longhorn Classic

    **highland park got a bid, St. Marks GM def. Dulles CS (2-1)
  13. NoSxp

    UT Longhorn Classic

    I second that question, where is my favorite jew sneaking off to instead of debating @ the round robin...? also, is this true of the UT tournament too? or just the RR...
  14. NoSxp

    UT Longhorn Classic

    Will the girls rock their boys? if so, I'm going to go wild wild wild.
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