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  1. to the other team: "Don't piss on my leg and tell me its raining"
  2. I'd like to be prepared for any advantages.
  3. even if plan plus, just trying to get a good pool of cps (legit or not) to pick a good strat. plus, they are still mutually exclusive; you can't increase persons if levels are capped, and you can't allow people in if we revert to the outright ban.
  4. I'm not familiar with the language PIC or inclusive command. Would someone mind explaining these?
  5. Trying to come up with a good list of cps that are effective against DADT(specific and generic). While I know that the cp depends on the advantages, i'm trying to prepare for any DADT case. Any cps are legit enough for the list. To start off: Delay (nb backlash/politics/whatever) Repeal DADT and restore gay ban Repeal DADT and cap military at squo levels Gay marriage Decrease the military . . . . .
  6. looking for a good strategy against a coast guard affirmative increasing end strength with the advantages of terrorism and some sort of domestic coast guard navigation advantage (not entirely sure) any help is greatly appreciated
  7. The plan text is to pullout the national guard from iraq to increase the number of persons serving. I'm pretty new at debate and someone is runing this in my district. Looking for a good strat other than the obvious T and Iraq withdrawal DA. Any ideas?
  8. I think your idea for a peace war combo is a very strategic one. In my opinion peace corps armed forces combo would be very strong with a soft power and a hard power advantage. I ran a soft power advantage last year and the reoccuring arguments against it were generally "hard power rules, not soft power" and "no soft power without hard power." By being able to claim both of these advatages would allow them to reinforce each other and destroy most of the answers to your advantages. This would also kill most militarism offense that could be run against you. Just an idea. Sounds pretty cool to me.
  9. Hey all. I'm going to be debating the first time this year and I didn't go to camp. My brother used to and told me I should get some camp files from here so i signed up. Can anyone spare any files? All i have is is JDI and UNT i signed up for. Does anyone have anything for free? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, guys. My hotmail is alanchrisman@hotmail.com
  10. Thanks alot, I'm a new debater and these are my first files.
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