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  1. alex, wait till college debate..idaho is seen as part of the liberal northwest. southern debate is what you should be afraid of.
  2. Silly kids, debate is a game. (you're not the only one suffering. bsu lost nationals last weekend by 2 sweepstakes points Overall Sweepstakes: 1. Southwest Baptist University 157 Superior 2. Boise State University 155 (ouch!) Superior 3. Truman State University 146 Superior). hats off to zhang and thurber. - Tizzle
  3. Congrats to Aimee/Ashley from Hillcrest. Also to Capital girls for taking second. Very proud. - Travis Walker 06 Policy A Division State Champ
  4. whitman also provided provided me with the scholarship to go to camp. props.
  5. whitman debate camp was the best source of knowledge I encountered T. Walker BSU Debate 06 Policy State Champion, 06 Extemp State Champion, 06 Extemp NFL Qualifier, 05 Policy NFL Qualifier, and other random things Matt S. also provides great girl advice.
  6. Kirk supports pirate beards. trust him.
  7. 1. Harvey asked me if I would 2. Skyline stays the night in Pocatello;others do not.
  8. I will be there, but judging for skyline.
  9. careful, alex may card you.
  10. I need to get in contact with boise coaches or boise area debaters about judging this year. Travis Walker, Boise State Debate traviswalker2k3@hotmail.com 208-403-5863
  11. thanks everyone for your posts. I should be at one or two tournaments this year.
  12. still waiting for a relevant post, although paul's humor is amusing.
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