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  1. oh ya I caught Resolved entirely unintentionally. I thought it was pretty good... The explanation of the K/the Project was pretty decent for a commonperson documentary, IMO. I thought it was a relatively objective representation of the conflict over the Project... Ya... conclusions could have been better...
  2. enigami

    Poor Judgement

    I think is a great testament to your character that you find the best way to respond to an accusation that you are being offensive is to mock virtually all forms of oppression. The oppressed surely appreciate your consideration. Way to redeem yourself!
  3. enigami

    Poor Judgement

    Ditto. This is the one thing that really stuck out to me on the old thread. I understand that people were upset. What I don't understand is how people that argue one side are considered to be emotional people dealing with grief, whereas those that oppose them are callous and cruel. There is more than one side to this issue in terms of analytical argumentation. There is more than one side to this issue in terms of emotional response. Please, everyone, respect that.
  4. I am surprised by your (unfounded?) faith in the legal system. At the risk of being repetitive, this is just patently untrue. It is definitely not the norm for society and/or the justice system to 1) believe the accuser/victim, 2) understand the needs of the accuser/victim, 3) protect the accuser/victim, at least certainly not in any adequate manner. Perhaps this is true with other crimes, but not for sexual abuse. I don't have the statistics right in front of me, but I know that the vast majority of instances of sexual abuse are not reported and/or prosecuted for that very reason. Luckily, there are many charitable organizations trying to fill in the gap. "The legal system," however, is woefully inadequate in this respect.
  5. YES I don't know Mr. Young very well, nor am I very familiar with the details of the allegations and subsequent investigation. I know that he has a huge influence on debate in Kansas, which I certainly respect. That being said, I'm unsure why this fact should excuse him from being tried for what is an abdominal crime. I am even more confused by why this fact should excuse him from all punishment if he did commit the crime in question. Jason, while i respect the ethic of forgiveness, in this situation, I feel that your comments make too light of the crime. You so willingly adopt the view of the accused, but are so hesitant to consider the perspective of the victim... I'm not saying that I think Mr. Young should be publicly condemned... that is kind of why the whole trial process exists: to ensure fairness. However, we probably should not condemn the victim either. If you feel that this process has been traumatic for the accused, just try to fathom the trauma of the accuser. I appreciate the tact of many of the people commenting on this thread. I agree entirely with Zahra's comments. I hope that justice is found, whichever side that favors.
  6. i bet its because trevor had mono!
  7. Haha... good call... i was just scanning and didn't read carefully. As for the movie being a bastardization, I think thats kind of inevitable. When has Hollywood ever accurately portrayed real life? Its rare, by definition. But also, even if it were "accurate," according to your standards, it would probably conflict with others' accounts of their debating experiences. I'm learning more and more that debate is different around the country, not to mention the contrast between national/local circuits, or throwing UDL into the mix. Anyway, I'll probably go see it.
  8. i saw the trailer for this last night on TV... how intriguing! anyway... its not listed to be anywhere close to KS, but i wouldn't be surprised if it were released to more theatres than are on this list: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0427309/locations at the very least, it will probably be showing on college campuses in a few months... i know that the last debate movie played on my campus (to my surprise) a month or two ago....
  9. enigami


    agreed... what is up with people here thinking that Chipotle is authentic mexican food? however, its kinda a trade off... there's definitely better indian food where i am now... and falafel, which is awesome... there are a lot more vegetarian/vegans here, too, and so more dining options... its just different...
  10. enigami

    Rock Creek

    errr... unless i'm mistaken, isn't this a college tournament? perhaps it should be placed under the "Idolize this" thread will college debate results/details...
  11. indeed (how many posts do i need to vote?)
  12. enigami


    Thanks for your help! I'll try that then...
  13. Awesome! Congrats to Melvin (altho I doubt he'll check these boards... will you tell him for me, chief?)
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