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  1. thanks pinky, in the future if you need help with anything, i would be very much willing to try to help you out
  2. I would like a copy too please so that I could take the files out of it i can use with the LD topic
  3. what you looking for, cuz like i said, this is for LD, so i mean, Policy files I do not have much of, considering I am graduated, I am helping a clsoe friend of mine on the Prolif LD topic, so that is why i asked, if you do not wanna hook me up its chill, i got other means, but it would be very much appreciated you kno
  4. I dont have much to trade, I just need those to cards for the LD topic, i am helping a friend write her case, so if you guys wanna hook a brother up, thanks also anything else remotely connected to proliferation if you would....thanks guys
  5. skillshot


    who is goin and who needs a judge or whatev
  6. why is it that the policy realm thinks that they can slay a great thinkers writings just for the satisfaction of winning another round, to even start to argue what Derrida is claiming you need to study the writings for years to come, it cant be done off a slopped together policy file, god damn
  7. @Ready, more or less, his claim with the statement he makes is a lot like Spanos and Imperialism....if you have not been studying this as long as I have you should not try to change the intent and idea i brought forth to win you a competition. Basically saying that, the evidence and the ideas behind his claims have to be sited first, and then you must maintain his theory in full, no "cutting" or paraphrasing it
  8. if you would like to send me that Spark file as well, my email is snowpro332@gmail.com thanks in advance
  9. the funny thing is, none of the debaters ever seem to have the file put out by rorty that says that his theories are not a play toy and that debaters should not use his years of expierence in his writings to argue something they have little to no insight on, so prankster and Rett, hopefully you guys will find this answer, it will ruin any team who uses Rorty out of the 2nc or in their Framework, good luck
  10. hopefully as soon as the first wave of camps come out i will work hard on this for you guys
  11. it is simple, and it can be done, i will purchase a domain for it and everyting this weekend, and put it up, if any1 has camp files they want to put up on it, would be most appreciated. btw, I am no longer a debater, i graduated high school in may, i was just looking for a way to give back to the cross-x.com world. Thanks guys, and good luck in 07-08
  12. i have a few hook ups, mainly i have a server from hell with enough storage space to back everything, and next, each person would be alotted a certain amount of space, say.....3 gigs. All Camp files would be set on the server for easy access in a main file directory for everyone to get into. They would be read only files until u saved a copy of it in ur own (so u can make changes or whatever). Next, this would be a lot different from things like mediafire, rapidshare, sendspace, it would be integrated filing so that everyone can get ahold of the ev, and as for cost of it, to host a domain and have bandwith enough to do this isnt all that much, it is actually more about server space than bandwith. If you have any other questions, just ask
  13. I am thinking about hosting a file site just for debaters to host camp and personal files that would allow u to not have to use all that space on your HDs, if you are interested, and Cross-X would like to take part in this, I would be more than happy to make this site, and allow all the cross-xers to use this site for their personal debate information. Its just an idea
  14. hook me up with one please, I will send u the K I am putting together if u have one...It will be worth it
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