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    floating pics

    im pretty sure a floating pic would be like "do the plan except for x advantage" or "do the plan and replace all the e's in women w/ y's" why its called a floating pic i have no idea. but its like a reg pic that duznt do all of the aff, it just excludes like some small part. i wud think it wud be strategic to use it when you have tons of ev on one adv. and like nothing on the other. you would say "do the plan just dont do (the adv you have shit loads of evi on)" and then run like tons of DA's on that one adv. and prove that you o/w
  2. yeah uploading.com has a lot of ads on it some of them i ges could be construed as obscene...
  3. yes but im pretty sure in the full article by montagu/maddison has a little bit more warrants in it besides just what berube uses. its been over a year since ive used it so idr for sure but it seams like i had a longer version of the card. (of course i was a novi last year and didnt cut much of anything myself)
  4. thank you all very much i had forgotten about the montagu and matson card i think i used that last year on the detention topic.... i should have a longer version of it too...
  5. duz anyone have the petrov 74 or berube 97 card? im looking for a card to impact genocide w/ and those are the only ones i can think of that wud be pretty good.
  6. i think he means neg answers to the basic framework args.
  7. yeah if the NK scenario had been extended it would have gone neg, but if the neg gives no analysis as to why it should o/w case in the 2NR and the 2AR does give some analysis as to why it shouldnt, or even if they dont say anything at all about it. as soon as the 2NR dropped it completely it was essentially dead. so coming out of the 2NR, you really have no reason to vote for the Neg, so if i was judging this i dont even think i would have needed a 2AR to make a decision. and a less than 30 sec analysis simply saying "they say opression is not part of the resolution so they shouldnt say that they should win because they solve opression." i mean i understand what they are getting at, but it has to developed a helluva lot better than that.
  8. should we bring a ton of expandos? how many files do they usually produce? and how would you get all that stuff back on a plane? i live in virginia...
  9. i plan on going to the 3 wk varsity program this summer, i went to liberty last year, is there anything special that i should bring or do, or just the regular things for camp? also, when do apps have to be in?
  10. the only team i know of that runs it is Kempsville
  11. its something like we give them rights so we put ourselves on this ivory tower bc WE think WE should give THEM rights. and this makes us think we are better than everyone else this leads to otherization etc. im pretty sure its something like that
  12. does anyone have the Ivory Tower K. I would be willing to trade for it. ive got tons of stuff just let me know what you want
  13. yup ive got the KU file its like 80 pages what do you have to trade? PM me
  14. in my area theres a team that runs this arg that says the definitions of words are constantly changing, so if you dont have a definition from like this week the definition probably changed and is not worth evaluating a debate over... or something like that.
  15. hey ive got some experience with torrents and would love to help out i think evi should be shared and i think torrents are a great way of doing this. plz pm me an invite
  16. all activities are supposed to be canceled for tomorow. does that apply to debate too? if it does, i guess metros will be rescheduled?
  17. ok thanks. and yes the people we hit ran it as a condition of the CP that is what confused me. i knew about it competing functionally, but i had never heard of it as a status. Thank you very much that helps alot. i assumed it was something like dispo, but i was making sure it wasnt some new weird condition.
  18. well i am sorry but i have been forbidden to submit a case outline =(
  19. but is that really a condition of the counterplan? they just said it was a functional counterplan is that what that means?
  20. basically a perm is a N/L arg. for CP and K's
  21. ok i understand traditional theory on cps pretty well, at least as far as uncon, dispo, and condo, but what is a functional cp? i heard it used at a tourny at pennsburry a while back and i couldnt really understand it from his explanation. also, is it a strategic condition for a cp? any help is greatly appreciated
  22. all they would have had to do would be to say T is not an RVi that is retarded. and they would probably beat the RVI. Theoretically all arguments are "no risk issues" for the neg. even if you turn a DA, you can still get out of it just by conceeding a N/L or N/I or simply reading your own N/L or N/I, yes it takes more work, but it is still essentially a no risk argument. same thing goes with condo CPs or K's
  23. i forgot that my partner has the 1ac right now so i might be a little while getting the outline, i have my flows, but they are not vey detailed
  24. im pretty sure i can convince my partner to contribute to the casebook as well, so BR HM will probably contribute as well ill talk to her then email an outline. how detailed should i get and what info should i include?
  25. based on what ive heard i would have voted neg most likely bc if the aff really wanted to go for the RVI they should have made a bigger deal out of it. granted the neg did not adequatly answer it, they at least discussed it enough imo that the da and on case would outweigh the possibility of a T being an RVI. For me to vote on something like a RVI the aff has to honestly go for it and make some kind of argument telling me that the RVI is the most important thing in the round and how they are miserably abusive for doing it.
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