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  1. yeah just dont run a different alt unless its like a link to your plan or something. i love to counter K everything, and sometimes you have to have a card saying "our plan solves ______, solving the K" usually though i stick with discourse k's on the aff and am very careful not to use the same language. speaking of which, look up the rabid tiger k that evazon put out a while back this year. its surprisingly effective and no one knows how to answer it well.
  2. just because its hard to win doesnt mean that he shouldnt write it. me any my partner tried a squirrel case this year, and while yes a lot of judges didnt like it, a lot of judges welcomed the break from the same boring rounds each round. so i say go for it. i think it would be pretty easy to write a block against framers intent, but honestly your criticism of it being non-topical isnt unique to this case but to all squirrel cases. i wouldnt recommend this being your only case but its a good fun one to have around when you want to have some fun and/or you have a cool judge. someone from our school won states with a "help the owls" case on one of the topics a few years ago. i dont know much about the case nor what year it was on, but all the same i say roll with it with a little bit of research you can get around the solvency deficit and i like the k of t idea, but most judges depending on your area will look down on it(another reason to have multiple cases if you plan on running it).
  3. what is the campus life like? how strict is it? whats curfew? can you walk off campus? all of that great stuff that they dont tell you about on the website?
  4. i would love a copy of that as well
  5. hey sean, can you still post the link whenever you upload it?
  6. ive fiated solvency in my 2ar
  7. what type of debate would be represented? policy? ld? congress? PF?
  8. brhs09


    the aff seems to me to be saying that we cannot make any positive change bc we view africa in a negative light, as the one who needs to be helped. before we can do anything we have to change ourselves and how we view africans and view public health to africans. so for this aff you not only have to win that narratives are better than no narratives, but also that you do indeed have to change yourself before you change anyone else. oh and the framework they offer is backed up pretty well considering what it says, but it is hella abusive. the text of it is "our framework is that the negative team should lose every debate. ever." overall, i do not think it is that bad of an aff. it is kritikal, and all k affs are kinda out there, but i dont think its that bad, i probly wont run it, but it would be a fun one to use in break rounds or something
  9. lol yeah if you have a couple days to sit and wait for sendspace... i mean honestly it will take hours. this way it will only take 30 mins or less
  10. and the final two, Heaten/Mancuso http://www.mediafire.com/?3jztsql1j9n Greenstein/Turner http://www.mediafire.com/?6jmgxquj0tt
  11. anyone who has the other DDI files, it would be very kind if you would post them.
  12. DDI - Serrano/Strange Lab http://www.mediafire.com/?51wdb01zhzx
  13. most debaters dont debate solely to get to the TOC. they debate bc they love to debate. so what if villager loses its bid? there will still be plenty of people who go because its a good tournament. the point of debate is to have fun and learn, not to get to the TOC. If you do that well then thats great, its an added bonus. but there are few who debate just for the TOC. and there is no reason why you would have to choose one or the other. they are not mutually exclusive.
  14. copy and paste the url. the links themselves dont work bc they are routed thru somewhere that we dont have permission too, but the website is correct
  15. just bc a camp sells its evidence and someone gets it for free on the internet does not necesarily mean that the camp is losing money. bc that person was most likely not going to buy it anyway, but since it is offered for free, why not have a little bit better debate? if people dont go to camp just bc they can get evidence online later, then you can own them whenever you debate them. bc as many people have already said, camp is not about the evi. its about skills work. i had cut very few cards before camp, and i was given a 50 card assignment (on malthus for god sake) for one night by the end of camp (ok so i only got 43, but still). you know that other kids that you will be debating will have all of those files, so it will help you be competitive, but just bc you have a shit load of campfiles duznt mean you can stop working your sorry ass off.
  16. when i downloaded CNDI 2, it only downloaded 2.89 mb, and its supposed to be an 80 mb file. i retried it and i got the same result.
  17. i think this is a great idea, i signed up online, but i never recieved an email w/ confirmation and my password. i went to the forgot pw page and tried to get it sent again a couple times but it still didnt work. i have double checked that it is the correct email address and everything but its not sending me a pw.
  18. lol im not going this year but i went last year, turning furniture vertical is definiitly a great way to pass the time as is "baking a cake" in the freezer w/ a whole lot of disgusting things and then leaving them in another quad. but as far as stuff to bring def. bring food. i ate in the cafeteria once or twice and thats it. everything else was either pizza and mountain dew or gummy worms in mountain dew. i would recomend bringing the laptop bc you will be bored out of your freaking mind in the dorms after 11 unless you know someone ther. and do make rsure you dont sleep thru lectures... for some odd reason the people giving the lectures tend to get a little upset and then you end up vacuuming some random quad... or maybe that was for missing curfew? lol w/e.
  19. i have that cuomo article if you would like to get it pm me. um Sandy and Perkins talk about peace through strength, and Ilan Gur-Ze'ev is a good alt author. what i do for my PosPeace K is use Kim 87 for the link, Impact that w/ Cuomo and Gilman, And then Gay for alt. but Gur-Ze'ev is pretty good too, and then i use Doty to set the framework.
  20. kelly rei and me are going to Gonzaga, and i think katherine is going to Whitman
  21. brhs09

    critical tips

    maybe something about TIPS ^ rights eventually? you could BS that. or 7 mins of HR good. and 1 min of T (if you need that long)
  22. have they determined if there were two shooters or if they are even connected for sure? it seams a bit fishy to me why anyone would come back 2 hours later why didnt he go straight there. and if he went psycho or w/e why did he only kill two people in the dorm and 31 in the engineering classrooms? i know its a helluva a coincidence, but still... it sounds kinda strange to me
  23. dont worry she hid it from me too until we got on the bus to go...
  24. not if slavery is just now, but if it was when it happened. when it was legal it was justified because it was legal
  25. what about something like "they reinforce the patriarchal mindset they claim to reject by claiming that women need to 'be equal to men' in the military. why can't men 'be equal to women'? They usually frame the case where they are essentially giving women more rights to be equal to men. which just exacerbates the patriarchy. i know its kinda iffy, but it might work.
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