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  1. hey i am a senior this year but i want to KNDI last year. the campus is gorgeous and there are plenty of places to eat on or right off campus (you cant go off campus, but there are some places that are on the ok list) as far as activities there are not a whole lot on campus but you do take a trip to the mall and i think a few other trips. one "activity" is mandatory fun each saturday night. That is probably the worst part because everyone is forced into one of the top of one of the two tower like dorms for 4 hours doing absolutely nothing. =( aside from that, Kentucky is a very anti-kritikal camp. There might be one or two lectures on K's but one of them is usually Roger Solt talking about how awful Kritiks are. If you have any specific questions i will try and answer those as well hope this was helpful

  2. its not too strange to be a day off, but its almost midnight the next day... very unlike TF... but i guess it comes when it comes, and hopefully its out by tomorrow at 8. if not then my novices will make do with non unique DA's =p

  3. its called baudrillard. the first matrix movie is based on alot of the tenets of Simulation and Simulacra. in fact the book that Neo uses at the very beginning of the movie to hide his illegal shit was a copy of Simulation and Simulacra.


    Think about it.

    We are all fooled into believing we live in the "real world" when we are really in a simulation (matrix). That copy of the Real is so far beyond the original that its now a simulacra (the difference b/w real world and matrix). A copy without an original which causes bad shit (the war).


    the third movie at the end even has elements of zizek/lacan as far as transcending the lack.


    great philosophical series.

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  4. can someone please explain what the hell the card says???


    Step one: read fight club

    Step two: come back when you understand that.


    then zizeks analysis might make more sense.

    might. =p


    its tough to explain zizek since it takes another philosopher to write about what he meant to say.


    aside from that he is a wonderfully crazy son of a bitch

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  5. Just saw it! it was good but it was very very biased. i am not religious, but i would still like to have seen him give a little more time for the religious nuts to talk instead of cutting in and making fun of them (not that it was not hilarious of course).

  6. Choke

    definitely worth the 7 bucks. very good for an independent film. it did not change much if anything from the book, unfortunately it did omit a lot of key things like the importance of the rocks and it completely omitted the nurse's alienish fantasies and it re ordered a few things and pretty much ignored the last 3-4 chapters of the book (in my mind that was the climax) but still worth the 7 bucks to see it (i paid 11 and was not disappointed) but i was really looking forward to the ending and i was not all that impressed with that aspect. but still a very good film.

  7. hey don't diss uncondo bad... i won a round at Columbia last year when the team ran an uncondo CP. i ran uncondo bad theory as a joke... basically unfair to the neg team destroys education in debate because we limit ourselves to one narrow area of education. blah blah blah all the reasons why dispo/condo is amazing. they kind of laughed it off and didn't answer it well. we kinda jokingly kept in the round and ended up winning on it.... we were running hippos at the time so they were a little bit taken aback and didn't have many arguments that round

  8. i went to KNDI and i heard the case run, but i didnt particularly think it was topical. maybe it wasn't intended to be, or maybe it is and i missed it. the plan doesnt really take a stance on how alternative energy incentives in the US will be increased. i guess the incentive is in the US but nuclear energy would only be possibly increased in iran.


    well anyway here is the link to the iran case


  9. rps can only be done by fed (at least unless you do the Lopez CP) bc of the Dormant Commerce Clause, it is unconstitutional for states to do anything with interstate trade which would be necessary for rps to be effective. also, sovacool and cooper write a lot about how the current states programs are inefficient and the only efficient way is a federal rps

  10. moreover, Mikey, the argument that jungian intellectuals make is NOT that we should actually participate in war but rather our imagination of war allows for good shit to happen. Something about liberation.



    couldn't you take a more critical approach with that argument, such as a literal interpretation of that. policy debate is not real nothing happens post round so couldn't you win that we are imagining the war by doing the case? therfore allowing the good shit to happen?

  11. Floating PICs are 100% illegitimate. That's like saying unconditionality bad.


    whats wrong with saying unconditionality bad? i won a round on it... =p then again that same round there were sources from someone named Shanaynay(made up) and aliens from the planet zargon... but either way,

    unconditionality bad because its unfair to the negative team for screwing themselves over by sticking themselves with such a horrible excuse for a counterplan. (standards of fairness (to the neg) education (because no one cares about consulting NATO on SSA) and predictability (how can we expect them to screw themselves over like that)) and floating pics are just another tool in the game. but make sure you can support why of course and like Ankur said the prime example of a legit pic is a gendered language PIC with K. its pretty easy to stick a team with defending the entirety of their 1ac.

  12. i am looking to apply to UK 2 week this summer, can anyone tell me anything about it. like where on campus the dorms we would stay are, new campus or old campus? what the dorms are like? air conditioned or not? things that i should bring that are unique to UK. i have been to GDI and Liberty the past two summers so i know the basics. what restaurants will there be around the dorms? How much money should i realistically plan on bringing? How is the food they provide? vegetarian options? how strict are the dorm checks/lights out? anything else at all that anyone can provide would be much appreciated. i have to fly there bc i am in VA, so i cant bring too much stuff. thanks in advance!

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