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    two tools u mean. swmo militia comin up big this time. whats good with the rest of the state! oh yeah, nothing. (Sorry rest of state, i love you all, it's just that swmo is that good looking. It has nothing to do with debate)
  2. Maher18


    SWMO FTW!!! ya i had fun too. i like coaches judging. congrats to nick on beating us twice even while he was sick (hahaha i covered your bowtie with anthrax nub!). but really good show everyone there were a lot of good debates.
  3. were you treated alright at parkview kevin? bc you sould hop on over to that thread with er'body else
  4. more importantly, isn't this my job ben?
  5. ok ok i kid i kid. i'm just stirrin up trouble. but seriously
  6. ya well katie did the work to get the judges of course not on me...it was sad. all i'm sayin is tim brooks smashed.
  7. may i add that i thought "sevvdog" was a random as dumb name until i looked it up. i am humbled by the awesomeness of your name sir. much praise
  8. i'm an idiot??? first i heard no predictions from you. tebow is a damn good choice for heiseman too, all i know is that mcfadden is a better choice than daniel. Is Tebow a senior though (mcfadden is isn't he)? again, the whole point of the fucking more fans argument wasn't #s but impact on the game. There were more loud fuckin mizzou fans you'll at least admit to that. though i've now heard rom many people now that they thought there were more mizzou fans(from supporters of both teams) and you are right that reesing's recievers dropped the ball a few times, but you re the fucking idiot. i specifically remeber twon instances and if i have to look up the transcript of the telecast i will where the announcers noted as did i that reesing was having trouble communicating with his line and they were having trouble hearing the right play in the huddle(a reason for misplaced routes) bc the mizzou fans were so fucking loud. shut the hell up you dipshit. do you not remember reesing spending extra time each play walking up to the line several time to yell and the o-line looking every which way. when they were trying to adjust to mizzou's D it took them more time to get the message across than adjustments on our side. you eliminate my arguments just by supplying other non- contradicting arguments which doesn't make me wrong at all. so stfu and make your statements say "as well as this and this." and your mom is a baseess conjecture ya wainkin muffberrie
  9. Maher18


    and did christian rally win sophomore year. i can't remember at what point i started kicking his ass.(no offense i totally think he's equal to me, but i went on a christian kill streak after you beat me a few times in a row).
  10. Maher18


    holy shit i struck no judges no would i ever. lies lies lies. only carthage strikes judges. understandably since people do "hate" you( are you kidding ur not important enough to hate), but seriously man up. no one is that biased to where if you win a round they won't vote for you. you insult the integrity of these people christian and kevin which furthers their "hatred" of you.
  11. Well I'm jut judgin from the TV and what a friend who went told me. And either way, its the low levels that count at arrowhead. Te seats are sooo close.
  12. by the way, i know my "more mizzou fans in arrowhead" argument was a somewhat baseless conjecture, but i was damn right. there were more mizzou fans. and it affected Reesing. You could see it in the first quarter especially. Just saying. I think this makes Big D wrong on 11 accounts. #1. although i will say after watching mcfadden, there's no way daniel deserves the heiseman, much as i want him to have it.
  13. amen. the timeout usage was terrible. and i'm def worried about oklahoma. huh, looks like all those 9 receivers, yes that extensive list of high stat receivers i talked about, was too much to handle, ehh Big D...? and oh, and looks like i didn't forget about the defensive line comparison, or how our D always steps up in big games, (although our secondary was terrible after the first half). just sayin, you can bring all the stats you want, but the "schedule bandwagon" was the root of my arguments for a reason. and god am i tired of ohio. west virginia and USC if stuff doesn't work out is what i'd like to see. i shuld be tired of USC, but i don't have a reason to hate them either. they're deserving now that they have their players back. and i hope georgia doesn't get to play if stuff gets weird because i think they're awful. good night to all! except you jayhawk losers.
  14. AWESOME! A classic shut down in melody! You make good points. I will have to look up some stats to establish any rebuttals, but I'll be back later.
  15. Schedule. KU had what was it? only had the 101st or toughest schedule while mizzou's schedule was one of the hardest in the nation like below 50 anyway. KU did not face Oklahoma, Texas, or Texas Tech in the Big 12 regular season this year. And the last games. Mizzou just played a not awesome, but formidable K-State while the jayhawks just played a bunch of F-0 Cyclones. Though props bc they walloped them. I think this gives preparation advantage to Mizzou. We've been AT oklahoma, AT Illinois(sorta), AT Colorado.and for that matter, KU is lucky they beat colorado bc they were getting dominated. Recievers and you want to talk about recievers to throw to? Kansas has nothing on missouri's playmakers i.e. Maclin,franklin, rucker. they're much more talented than brisco and co, and there stats prove it. plus our "capable" group of recievers is deeper which messes up Dswe've got a lot of guys chase works with. Mizzou has a whole list of high stat recievers, KU is 3 deep. easy enough. QB Todd Reesing i think will struggle. it's like you said it's going to be rainy and wet. Age and experience? I don't know how the weather has been for teams this year. This game means more to the Mizzou players. Here's the deal. Reesing is good and they kind of talk about him for heisman but everyone knows he has no chance, including his team mates. Chase Daniels has this thing in his grasps(hence the O'brien nom) and hearing his teammates being interviewed todayabout how much he deserves it and how much they want him to get it shows a "team love" that is irreplacable in these games. Plus, when i lok at Mizzous roster vs. the Jayhawks I see a lot more MISSOURI tigers than KANSAS jayhawks. Theres just a little more passion in the tiger's hearts. Daniel has an equal or better stat # in all detail categories except interceptions where he is only a few behind Reesing, and it should be noted his november is almost perfect. And remember this is against tougher opponents and defenses. What is Reesing going to do with our blazing fast D? Now home field advantage. blind assertion by me, thx for educating. i forgot that someone got a "home game". athletic director from both school are saying it going to be more like 60-40 advantage kansas, but thats not taking into account the 27,000 variable in chiefs season ticket holders who got tickets and are either going or selling. however KU didn't get to sell 70%. It didn't go down like that. And remember how the cornhskers famously dominated the stadium in notre dame so long ago. not saying it will, but saying it could happen. Talking defense, Talib who is soooooooooo awesome(sarcasm) is a cornerback who could give us trouble, but last year and even when o state lost bowman this year he and the CBs still got wiped plus our wide recievers relish the 1v1 coverage double move in step throw and KU relies on breaking up routes with chance and aggressive play. And this season again and again although mizzous defense has not overall done as well as kansas, they have stepped it up in the hype and big games like colorado nebraska. And we can handle mcandersen. He's good, maybe better than Temple, but Temple is preparing. mcandersen apparently hadn't even watched film as of today. They are both hella good but whos been tested against tougher teams? Mizzou again, not mcanderson. On the line we have a line that can definetly handle and combo of blitzes. We can't say the same about KU's line. Against decent opponents like the aggies, they've done poorly. We've proven that again and again against good DLs. That means we will have time. And our DL is awesome. We've totally screwed up the cornhuskers and buffs with blitzes and pressure. Again something Reesy is relatively new too. He usually just gets sacked, or doesn't. Special teams ??? I don't know much but I'm pretty sure if there are any punts, we can successfully return them. Maclin can return punts well. anyway, agreed hell of a game coming up. I still think u chicken shits should get ready for a loss, though secretly i'm fearing a "you were wrong bitch, MIZZOU sux" for the next 30 years chant from my fam.
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