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  1. (Insert high pitch squeal here)!!!! So, who's going?
  2. I agree. A case list would probably be a good thing for Michigan debate and help the state have better debates. I was wondering how much we want to model the the college case list. For example, in college cites are only posted after that position is read in round (ie broke). Also, in college, teams scout and ask other teams for cites after the round. I was wondering what the Michigan debate community thought about getting cites after round. I have never seen it happen, and wonder whether or not people thought this is an acceptible practice here in Michigan.
  3. Claim: This is what your argument is (i.e. trade solves wars) Warrant: This is why your argument is true (i.e. trade causes nations to become interconnected, which means that the nations would be bad fo both nations if they went to war).
  4. This should help... http://www.planetdebate.com/textbooks/view/8
  5. If you are going to be in the same building of the SDI, the SDI is in Hubbard hall, which is on the East side of campus.
  6. From the University of Chicago's T file (http://ceda-ndt.uchicago.edu/Tstandards.doc) Note - not the best arguments ever, you may want to revise a little (not like a RVI is a good argument either) AT: T is a RVI 1. Ha ha ha - that’s funny 2. Assumes abuse - we’re not being abusive, don’t punish us b/c they’re not topical 3. shifts focus - don’t deter us from criticizing their theoretical position, if its crappy lets talk about it, not slap us for asking 4. Don’t punish the messenger - You don’t kill the College Board if I get a 0 on the SAT, nor if I pass it. T is a test, if you pass hurray, don’t get angry though 5. No time tradeoff - They would have had to answer disads and case arguments for the time the 2ac spent on t. 6. Courtroom analogy - The judge doesn’t let the criminal go free just because she makes it to the right room 7. Perm - Vote against the affirmative for sucking our time, cuz I actually answered this trash 8. Their fault - they didn’t need to answer the violation so much 9. My fault - I just answered it, that remedies the time loss 10. Credibility - If I’m running alot of crap, you’ve already lost all kinds of ‘sect for me, that’s recompense enough, stupid 1nc strat...
  7. Quarters Westminster JS v. Bishop Guertin CP Pace AL v. Kinkaid KS Fullerton GS v. Bellarmine VR Damien HE v. Glenbrook South TD
  8. Octos Bellermanie VR v. GBN MS Bishop Guertin v. Bronx Science Colleyville MN v. Fullerton Damien v. Woodward GBS TD v. Notre Dame Kinkaid v. Greenhill BL Pace v. Hays Westminster v. New Trier
  9. Usually the 16th and 17th have a run-off debate to see who goes against the 1st seed.
  10. According to bluetub TA ran SPS with a new plan text round 2.
  11. Cool...I think I will be able to attend then.
  12. Yes, you can probably run an oil dependence advantage with just about any Alternative energy, just as long as you are able to win that the plan causes enough alt. energy to trade-off with oil.
  13. Erik stopped before the Harvard tournament; he hasn't really given an offical reason why. However, he did come back and debate at the Northwestern Tournament with Sara Kirsch.
  14. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure they have to break to doubles, because of TOC rules. I think a team has to win at least one elim. round before they can get a bid.
  15. Do you want Corn-Ethanol Good or Corn-Ethanol Bad Harms?
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