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  1. Who are all the teams going on Thursday?
  2. Does this mean precautionary principle is assumes big impacts come first always?
  3. you forgot solar box cookers spec: "sbc" spec
  4. I would like some camp evidence too dgritz3@gmail.com
  5. I am interested as well dgritz3@gmail.com (in JDI)
  6. I can get DDI and possibly SDI
  7. Thanks a lot, I will check all my flows to see if there is anything I can add.
  8. Case list is a great idea, I would like to help with that.
  9. Who is going to PA states?
  10. Hey can I get this too dgritz3@gmail.com
  11. I would prefer the 22nd or the 28th since I have a young engineers competition on the 24th, and I don't want to let the team down. I hope this goes into your considerations.
  12. Are there any camps that begin after or on July 28? I am asking because that is when the governor school for my state ends and I was planning on going to that (June 24-July 28).
  13. Go to the website for VSO http://www.vso.org.uk/ There is tons of evidence to cut from there.
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