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  1. Just because the price doubled in the past 2 years doesn't change the fact that oil producers in Sarabia/Russia are having a shitty time. It's a functional collapse of the prices from a few months ago. Like great, the economy sucked 80 years ago. That doesn't mean what's happening now doesn't suck too. you silly goose.
  2. MUCHO CONGRATS JOLLY JAMIL!!!!!!!!!!!! also congrats alex for top speaker, ben chang, dp and kyle for getting so far
  3. oh and congrats to bellaire matt and jacob as well!!
  4. congrats to neeraja and jackie, shikhar and kevin, ben and harsh, and the cl teams!
  5. The incentives cited in that card aren't all positive incentives. The removal of a barrier, in and of itself, isn't either. Although you could argue things like removal of this barrier is functionally an increase in funding because it's the removal of the SQ fine on hemp. The WHO card works well with it then.
  6. and grapevine has moved up to a quarters bid! although that's not northeastern news. still noteworthy nonetheless
  7. rubysadie27

    UIL State 2008

    lol...no one who messes with the big G can come out alive...
  8. rubysadie27

    UIL State 2008

    Whoa dude, I love that SR song. Nice sig.
  9. rubysadie27

    UIL State 2008

    Congrats to Murray and Jeffrey on winning it all. Good to know we dropped to the champs and also congrats to bellaire liuzman for getting to finals. nice.
  10. rubysadie27

    UIL State 2008

    Who all is going to 5A UIL State? Post teams if you know them.
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