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  1. Corey Cameron- Arroyo Grande High School Attending Georgetown University, possibly debating
  2. Corey Cameron- Arroyo Grande High School Reed College Haverford College Gonzaga University (accepted) Georgetown Dartmouth UCLA UC Berkeley Cal Poly CSU Fullerton (accepted) San Francisco State (accepted) Boston College (accepted)
  3. Does anyone have the K of Politics file from UNT Scholars lab in 2005? ccameron90@sbcglobal.net
  4. Check the free evidence thread, DDI is posted there.
  5. i have to it too, if anyone is still looking for it just email me. ccameron90@sbcglobal.net
  6. I am looking for some cards that claim personal advocacy is key to solve. I plan on using these cards for a critical aff. If someone could point me in right direction to begin researching this, that would be great. Thanks!
  7. i got my second packet in the mail yesterday.
  8. Corey Cameron Arroyo Grande High School I'm from California.
  9. Is there still room in the Senior Scholar Lab or the Kritik Lab?
  10. When you are buying you ticket just get an adult ticket. For example when you book online just click adult and you will have no problems, I did this the past two summer for camp and it was fine.
  11. Do you have to pay the deposit before you find out which lab you are accepted to? Or are you informed of admission and then the deposite is due?
  12. i <3 life

    CA State Champs

    2 Teams Qualed from Marmonte League Arroyo Grande CF Arroyo Grande LS
  13. Does anyone know the dates for DDI this year?
  14. The card I need are to be used to answering language Ks were the alt. is really a CP which would ban the use of a certain word. I think the card I'm looking for may be butler, I'm not quite sure.
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