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  1. WNDI was hott. Ive broken at every tournament ive been to largely because of all of the thingz i picked up at Whitman...I learned so much about debate from Megan, Ben, and Jeff. All of the staff is really helpful and cool to be around. Sadly this is my last year of high school debate, but if i could have done it all over again, i would have went to WNDI earlier...Im trying to get all of the novices from my school to go!! Luv, Charlotte PS-Congratz at Northwestern!!
  2. Bears are going to win the Super Bowl 100%....Colts don't stand a chance.
  3. Yea i agree. I dont know many national circuit judges that would vote on new arguments in the 2nc, esp if its like 3 brand new DAs..thas kinda sketchy
  4. My school has a debate team and a speech team. There is this wierd nerdy "beef" between the two.
  5. Thanks, I'll look into that. Does anybodii know of any other HBCU debate teams??
  6. I would really like to go to a HBCU (or historically black college/university) mainly Howard or Spelmen, but neither one of them have a debate team. Does anybody know of any HBCUs that have debate teams, aside from Louieville? Thanks
  7. Im going to WNDI in a couple weeks and im interested in putting files on the site. How do I do that? Also how to i get files?
  8. Hip hop is more than jus a type of music. Rap is the music..RnB is the music...Even regaeton and regae..All of these are part of hip hop. Hip Hop is the culture. The style, issues, music, swagga(or the way u carry urself) all of that is hip hop. Alotta people people talk shit about it and say its ignorant and violent. But thats only if u make it that way. There are plenty positive aspects to hip hop..Iight im dun..UNOZ PS ***RAP SONG OF THE DAY IS: Kanye West and Paul Wall-Drive Slow***
  9. Ridin Dirty- chamillionaire n krazy bone
  10. What are some things about debate that you know now that you wished u would have known as a novice??
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