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  1. I'm already committed for 2 rounds for the team I'm coaching for but would like to sell my remaining 5 rounds. Please back channel me at dynamic.duo45@gmail.com if you are interested. Thank you
  2. I'm already committed for 2 rounds for the team I'm coaching for but would like to sell my remaining 5 rounds. Please back channel me at dynamic.duo45@gmail.com if you are interested. Thank you
  3. I don't understand why the China topic gets into any debates about heg - its about economic cooperation - i think that kinda proves my point about how no one has ever had an actual debate over US primacy/troop deployments and heg debates are quite shallow. Obviously it's a heg topic - the beauty of it is you get to go quite far beyond "Khalilzad 95" and actually have debates about specific regional impacts troop deployments have, how those affect overall grand strategy, and how they affect our relationships with the mentioned countries and the region. Now, the China topic is economic cooperation. can any of you explain to me what UNIQUE da would be available for the neg on this topic? Thus far, Obama has already been calling for trade cooperation with things like the stimulus, green energy cooperation, bilateral nuclear cooperation (already made a commitment to detarget), and China is and has been for some time America's biggest trading partner. THIS TOPIC BLOWS. The aff will read some small ass aff and read 2 minutes of "trade now" in the 1AC or they will just change around current trade stuff that most of the neg link ev for stuff like appeasement, protectionism, etc. (core DAs on that topic) would probably not assume. But guess what? If you like China, there are 2 countries listed in the military topic that would certainly allow for China advantages and, more specifically, certainly impact our trade relations with China which means you ACTUALLY can get the best of that topic, whereas China doesn't even scratch the surface of troop deployment. Let's compare neg ground on topics, shall we? China: Appeasement DA Protectionism DA Econ DA (of some nebulous internal link) Chinese Politics (maybe only decent DA here) Politics (yawn) Assortment of conditions/consult CPs Offsets CP Cap K Military: Heg/Isolationism DA Red Spread/Russian Imperialism DA Allied Prolif (Turkey and Japan) DA Troop Shift DA (We need troops somewhere, you allow them to go there, that's bad) RMA Bad DA Appeasement DA (China, Russia, Iran, North Korea) - 3/4 are unique Assortment of Foreign Politics DAs (Chinese and Russian elections, Japanese agenda politics, etc.) Diplomatic Capital DA Politics (still yawn) Conditions/Consult with better ev this time Negative Security Assurances CP Much more specific PICs (keep troops in Okinawa, keep some in Seoul, etc.) Militarism K Security K Superpower Syndrome K (keep in mind, i mention Ks that will have specific links - obviously security can be read on China, but it would be weak at best) I don't think it's even comparable. Not only are the DAs on the military topic actually unique, but they are actually fun DAs to debate. Aside from "woah China cool man, fun shit" i really don't think there is any decent justification for the China topic.
  4. This decision shouldn't be close. Military Deployment is far better of a topic than China. Few reasons. 1) China topic blows for the neg - increase economic engagement? AKA the status quo. If you all thought this year, last year, or the year before were bad in terms of DA thumpers, this one is even worse. Not only do we already have massive economic ties with China and are cooperating in just about every area imaginable, but there is no doubt that Obama is going to ramp up his pro-China rhetoric, and it's unlikely that Congress is going to turn anti-China any time soon, considering the state of the economy. Politics may be the only unique DA, if that, and that's...very boring. 2) No one has good heg debates at all anymore. The fact that heg has been a prominent advantage on topics like Africa shows how truly shallow the debates have become over the costs and benefits of American troop deployments globally. A ton of debaters these days like getting into heg debates on both sides, reading cards against each other that really have absolutely nothing to do with the Affs in question or really the kind of "leadership" their authors are talking about. This topic would really allow debaters to get into the nitty gritty parts of that literature and actually learn what people like Layne and Thayer are advocating, making this topic potentially much more interesting and educational than China. 3) The impacts are MUCH bigger, much more diverse, and encompass literally every geographical area of the globe. China - not so much. Middle East, maybe Chavez, is as far as that topic gets away from China. Military people would be able to discuss every security umbrella we have, including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Europe, Central Asia, and potentially the Middle East, which is particularly interesting given the situation with Afghanistan. I guess Africa too, but I won't pretend like that aff will be remotely fun to debate. 4) Kritiks will be much more specific, making for much better kritik debates. China topic has mostly generic Ks of economics and geopolitics like Cap and Global/Local, which have gotten boring. Military has specific K's on the Aff and Neg, IE superpower syndrome, and also will have much more specific debates over security-type Ks. 5) Reiterating what Jason said - in reality, a lot of the Japan and Taiwan affs would be able to access a lot of the impacts, and even some of the mechanisms, of the China topic by affecting our relationship with China and maybe even our economic trade relations with China. So really, there isn't a good reason why you would want to eliminate all the other great debates of the Military topic and constrict yourself to just China, especially considering how boring the China topic would get.
  5. Mike Carlotti - debated 4 years in high school at Cathedral Prep, now in my second year of debate at Wake Forest. I don't require housing, just transportation to/from Minneapolis. reply here or, preferably, my email address - carlmj8@wfu.edu
  6. Mike Carlotti - debated 4 years of HS at Cathedral Prep, cleared at the TOC, now second year debater at Wake Forest. Try to let me know quickly edit - got hired, thanks to any1 who was considering
  7. you would add only one apple...only one...
  8. why do people break new affs with generic advantages...
  9. biopower

    ATTN Edgemont

    backchannel me asap dynamic.duo45@gmail.com or carlmj8@wfu.edu (preferably gmail) thanks
  10. good thing Iceland doesnt have an arctic/tundra climate dumbass, maybe you are referring to Greenland. ya i voted real/our fault and maybe we can fix it. numbers go against those who don't think we caused it; yea there is natural, or linear, warming that will continue, but the fact of the matter is non-linear, or warming that goes above and beyond the fixed cycle of warming of the earth, has been increasing exponentially in the past century and last time i checked humans were the only ones releasing fossil fuel emissions. who knows if we can reverse it, but it is obvious we can slow the rate at which global warming grows which is a step in the right direction.
  11. warming and oil are freaking huge. heg is cool and all but imo (and agreeing w/ Zavell) the biggest question is internal links, and really the internals to heg collapse aren't that sweet and oil is a MUCH more likely cause for conflict in the current geopolitical landscape, especially considering that almost every major armed conflict started in the last 20 years was started over oil. and on warming...come on Chalko is the biggest impact around lol. and for everyone who says space...why? how does one access that impact on next year's topic (while remaining topical) AND even if you do what is your reason why CP: give a shit load of funding to NASA or CP: have Russia/China do the plan and colonize space for the world?
  12. finals should be interesting, especially considering that colleyville still has an aff from the TOC that hasn't been broken yet. wonder if they will decide to...
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