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  1. Kate and I broke in USX, but didn't make it past 8.
  2. Logan Thomas and Tyler Joe are in Senate not LD, and Tyler is from Maize.
  3. Name: Creighton Coleman School: Wichita State Major: Political Science/Communications Debate: Yes
  4. If anyone has a file, pm me, email at ccoleman165@yahoo.com, aim bigfido Thanks
  5. can someone upload a fear of death file? I'll trade
  6. I think every Kansas team excluding Olathe North went 3-3.
  7. well, would anyone have some cards that would be useful, such as the Schmidt evidence...
  8. if you have it, pm me or email ccoleman165@yahoo.com, I'll trade.
  9. does someone have a copy of this card says talking about nuclear weapons prevents their useage, i think its from 95 or 96
  10. what all invitationals do you have left
  11. can someone give me an email of the coach for Lincoln Northeast, or an an invite possibly?
  12. I've had braces for two years now and I still do well you just have to work alot more with you lips, but ironically braces cause a decrease in lip action in other aspects of life...
  13. I was wondering if this tournament has CX debate? Creighton Coleman
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