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  1. Jamie Pawlikowski I work in the DFW area, as opposed to going to school here. Debated for 4 years in Southwest Missouri and then at Missouri State University. I can judge weekends that I am not out of town for work. japawlikowski@gmail.com Judged at probably 50 tournaments since high school.
  2. If 50k people like Amazon on facebook by Thanksgiving there will be a sexy deal on MadMen. Shameless plug for a good deal.
  3. Jamie P

    Highest wins

    I think Gottlieb debated with Sparacino at Northwestern.
  4. Would someone be so kind as to post a start time for round 1 of debate on Friday evening? I have some free time so I will be judging Friday. It is my intention to potentially have a previous debater or two to accompany me as well to add to the judging pool. JP
  5. When I see the name of this thread I always think to myself and sometimes outloud, "damn right they do." JP
  6. Jamie P


    I hated it because it made my head explode with too much awesomeness. JP Seriously though, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Levitt, Leo, and Miss Paige rocked the screen it was fantabulous.
  7. Jamie P


    Go alone, life doesn't exist outside of the cinema so make the most of life. JP Ps, in case I wasn't clear by the SA comment, I try and see usually successfully every movie that comes out.
  8. Jamie P


    Thanks for the suggestions I will look in to em.
  9. Jamie P


    Watching Blood Trinity(I think) right now.
  10. Jamie P


    Anyone watch it? I have watched Bleach and enjoyed it, LOVE The Boondocks but am unclear if that is in the same category as contemporary anime. My favorite that I have seen is FullMetal Alchemist. Any more suggestions based off of those likings? JP
  11. Jamie P


    I am thinking that I am sad I didn't see The Sorcerers Apprentice Wednesday so that I could see Inception today, as it is have to wait until Sunday. Love Ellen Page, Leo is one of the best, Nolan is a genius. The kid from 500 days of summer is also a badass, and ascending to greatness. JP
  12. Jamie P

    The Last Airbender

    The issue is that the film wasn't shot in 3D but was retrofitted for 3D, see Clash of the Titans(2010). Normally with a movie like this I would say "blah blah blah was at best laughable" but that isn't fitting here, there were multiple times in the theater that I Laughed out loud for long sequences of time based on the awful reading of script cards. There was nothing about this that was acting. The movie was terrible from start to finish with no exceptions. I was furious that I wasted the money to see this, luckily Friday night after I saw this I watched How to Train Your Dragon again and it made me happy that cinema existed again. JP
  13. Sir, I think that you know absolutely zero about the NBA, I hope you didn't make any good arguments after this because I quit reading. I think that we can all agree, including you since you will now know the facts, that Mario Chalmers and Michael Beasley don't constitute a "supporting cast and the team seems to be on the rise." Those are the only two players currently under contract by the Heat and they are trying to move the latter. JP
  14. Grizzlies just made an absolute bone headed move. I understand how the cap works and they might feel like they had no choice, but goodness let the dude walk. You have OJ, and a solid core absent Gay. Jp
  15. Everything not NY related- Redick maybe sign and trade to Utah for Boozer? I think that maybe Lee goes Bulls. It's really hard to know, things change for me pretty quickly for most of these guys. I think that Boozer is better in NJ than Miami, and he knows it. Getting a dump off from D Hare is better than D Wade, especially considering how Boozer plays. Additionally, I think that it is nearly a fact that Riley comes back next year and Boozer is a bit of a slacker on the Defensive end and isn't going to want to play for that. I like the Nets play on all of these guys, I think that they have a promising franchise in NJ considering Wesley Johnson as a trade piece in a sign and trade(MELLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to the NEts?????). In the end I only really care where Bron Bron goes, love the Bulls but its all about BRon. NY- I think that LBJ has to win ONE title in NY to be an iconic sports figure there forever, he knows that. He makes that team very attractive when they get the FAT Ed Curry contract (get it?) off of the books. There are some attractive pieces there, and attractive coach, and any guy to have played in Pheonix under Mike D fits well in that system. If LBJ signs NY it is automatically in play that Melo, KDurant, Dirk, Bosh, and everyother player ever will want to come there, its the big apple, they can win a title. PS-Dont count NJ out of any guy, a new owner, the better Lopez brother, and the possibility of Brooklyn are all very sexy. Plus Jay-Z??? Dude Jay-Z, seriously what more could you want? Ray Allen- He is relevant next to Bron, makes him play better ball and above all else makes him look better. Ray Allen was VERY relevant in game two of the NBA finals, and for a mid level exception guy thats all that you need. The only reason he excercised ETO was to win another ring, and he thought his chances were better elsewhere. He is missing out on probably 10ish million dollars by excercising that ETO. Other plays that I think are VERY important in this entire thing; Channing Frye Redick Salmons(reportedly back to Fearing the Dear anyways) Richard Jefferson
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