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  1. OO I'll be rocking prom hair on saturday. woo-hoo
  2. aesthetic

    Sunflower LD

    I only caught bits and pieces but...star indicates qual. PFD Smith/Sheth-East* East again (sorry kids, didn't catch name)* Zinabu/Watson-Maize 1st alternate D'Annunzio/partner-NW 2nd alternate Raftoupolous/Munindger- Maize 6th-?? Rupp/Guerrero- Maize Clare/partner- Heights LD Norin Ansari-East* (undefeated) Hannah Wright- East* Evan Hernandez-1st alternate 4th-?? 5th-?? 6th-?? Meliss Hamilton-Maize Sorry, that's all i could really remember. Correct me if I made any mistakes! Congrats to all those who qualified!
  3. Just curious... I know this case claims AIDS as an advantage--does it specifically talk about how these Medical Peace Corp personnel are critical to help the citizens of the country with AIDS?
  4. Tyler- Maybe you should fix the PC case you wrote and run that; idk, maybe make it so that it isn't extra-T, and add some solvency. It's nice to know people already have Maize's aff case blocked
  5. aesthetic

    Maize Oct 6 & 7

    Maize's tournament will be held this weekend. This tournament will have an open/varsity division. Also, anyone interested in judging outrounds, please feel free to pm as that would be greatly appreciated. They will be held around 3-ish on Saturday and go on from there. Anyone planning on attending?
  6. now do you see why we aren't going to break, eric?
  7. aesthetic

    Nick Templin

    nick, i hope you do pretty darn good at TOC for Congress this weekend. ...it's taking me a nice, long time finding stuff for the bill i was given to research. -ruth
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