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    Platte County

    Truman will be there... sending a bunch of Policy teams.. Knoth/Plumlee Berner/Berner Shinn/Sawyer Wilczecki(?)/Plott Payne/Rick Heitz/Lewis x/x x/x i think thats about it...i'll edit this when i kno
  2. well trumans A policy spot is all out of commission lol apparently Plumlee got sick at the tourny...throwing up or something crazy like that! Goodluck to Shinn/Sawyer and Berner/Berner
  3. Plumlee will not be debating with me this weekend...Unfortunatly i'm still in quite a bit of pain and only made it 4 hours with out the pain killers...I might be there saturday to watch some rounds depending on how i feel Good Luck to all
  4. Well i'm prlly going in a wheelchair if i go...it just depends...i had surgery on my knee at 8:45 this morning and i'm on a lot of med's (vicoden =)) So if im still dying in pain and on meds theres gonna be no way i can debate...slurring words isn't my idea of a good time hehe..but if i do end up going i'll be in a wheelchair theres no way i'll be on crutches for that long!
  5. Knoth/Plumlee will be there debating in policy as long as im not in too much pain from my surgery!!!
  6. Ha funny but its no different then you're pet names for josh.. "Joshy could you hand me that file?" =)
  7. The judging pool for contemp will be coaches of the teams entered in the division, as well as judges who signed up with a preference in this type of debate including several colleges debaters i.e. bobby and possibly you danielle =) along with others. Classic's pool will be a lot broader...rotary member, parents, and anyone else recruited including coaches and colleges debaters that signed up with a traditional preference.
  8. IWC is this weekend Dec 1st and 2nd. Who's going to be there!? Who's entered in contemp?
  9. L.Knoth


    Truman A (Knoth/Plumlee) Truman B (Shinn/Sawyer) Both dropped in quarters
  10. L.Knoth

    Times Deleted: 2

    (dooley posting not lauren) adam i hate to break it to you but everyone knows how much of an arrogant prick that i am and that i may be and thats just it no one really gives a shit and thats the best part about it...seriously if it wasn't for adams calling the cops on me and you whining like a little bitch i would have beat the shit out of you the other morning whenever you fucked with melissa and me...your 18 years old and still playing childish games like a 6 year old...that's going to get your tremendously far in life, also your lack of an audience has done nothing to even further your little fictional novel which is poorly written might i add.
  11. L.Knoth

    Dude, No #2

    Hmm weren't we going out during the Fort O tourny...way to get things started again now ppl will think you cheated on me heaven knows we don't need more rumors about us haha
  12. L.Knoth

    Dude, No #2

    Josh stop lying to make yourself feel better...we all know the truth...
  13. yeah i could see where how a cxer and a lder would end up in disaster i'm going out with a cxer tho...its not that bad..our arguments are always really good cause we both know how to back up our points and won't stop until we win lol but we've been together for 7 months so debate and dating isn't all that bad!!!
  14. L.Knoth

    Dude, No

    haha this is funny. sorry to break it to you but what's said on this site by tyler dooley isn't going to cause genocide rape or murder. this is fucking hillarious and nice try attempting to turn this back on tyler "synonymous with racism and heterosexism and general ignorance and nastiness" that really got me laughing None of this would have ever started if Jason didn't make the unneccesary out of line comments that he did so the racial comments are his own fault, he had it coming, if he thought he would make fun of tylers dad dying and get away with it he's extremely mistaken and as far as me being pathetic YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ME what i think is pathetic is these college guys posting shit like this on the site!!! the best part about all of this is you say he uses offensive rhetoric toward the disabled communities.... umm last time i checked HIS BEST FRIEND IS IN A FUCKING WHEELCHAIR!!!
  15. L.Knoth

    Dude, No

    wow way to fuel the fire tyler is a nice guy..to people who are nice to him..so if he doesn't like you sorry thats your own damn fault and what he's instantly a terrible guy because you say he used offensive rhetoric to a homosexual or a mentally retarded person? wtf and again if he's insulted someone it wasn't just for the fun of it...they probably said something first. and because tyler said a place was shitty cause thats where his dad died does that give warrant for jason to make fun of him? ummm no tyler may have made a racial joke but sorry thats still different than the shit jason's saying about his dad this thread is completly pointless and i don't see why it hasn't just been deleted alltogether.
  16. L.Knoth

    Dude, No

    yeah so by dooley talking about colleges and such it makes it okay for klink to make jokes about dooleys dad dying? are you crazy or just dumb?
  17. L.Knoth

    Dude, No

    Wow this thread has become absolutely ridiculous. I'll agree with bobby that you win the biggest asshole on cross-x award All the dad jokes are getting annoying and way out of hand. It's outrageous that you keep saying things about someones dad who just died. Maybe if you took the time to know him and understand the situation you'd understand. If it'll get you to shut up maybe you should consider taking the offer dooley gave and come down here so he can beat the shit out of you. Too bad we all know you won't do it. As far as jcampfield editing tylers post goes, maybe thats cause he knows tyler and everything he's had to go through and he's not gonna leave your ignorant comments on this site
  18. i have just heard some rumors that people think he is one of the hottest guys in debate so i was wondering if u guys think him and melissa's looks have picked them up some ballots
  19. i'm gonna have to agree dooley is pretty hot...
  20. 16 and 18 isn't that bad is it???
  21. Aww my boyfriends popular...Number one on two people's lists...well make that three cause i think he's pretty hot myself.
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