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    Hypo testing

    So there's an argument that has been brought to my attn via the KC circuit... Its called 'hypothesis testing' I don't know much about it, so i was wondering if anyone could give me a quick run down of what exactly it is, what it means in context of this years resolution, and any theory thta could be used to beat it. Thanks
  2. maybe you should talk pretty...and not about witches jk love you
  3. So in big 6 1st place- Truman (Knoth/Berner) 5-0 2nd place - Truman (plott/payne) ?? 3rd place - Lee's Summit (Kennedy/Fick) ?? 4th place - ??? 5th place - Lee's Summit (Brunson/meyers??) ?? 6th place - ?? 7th place - Winnetonka ?? ?? As you can tell i just know the results of Truman and Lee's Summit really Thanks to Garrett Clark, Mike Selck, and Alyssa Kennedy for some..interesting rounds to say the least ! Good job to all the other top placers...Liberty, Oak Park, Belton, BS, BSS etc.. Oh and for those who heard the rumor, i'm not quitting, i love the community too much to leave ^^Thanks for the props Ben
  4. a list of all the conferences would be nice..anyone?
  5. L.Knoth


    Since there was not grid sent with the confirmation email, is there any way you could tell us who the teams are that are entered in CCX? Thanks!
  6. This argument is ridiculous and should never win on the AFF it is a perpetuation of bad debate. What is the inherent barrier, or solvency? you aren't fixing a problem in the status quo its absurd to vote for you what happens when these people don't know what to do with the dollar so they do something like eat it, or they bury it because their leaders tell them that US good are contaminated and should be destroyed. Giving them all a dollar is our way of avoiding processes that could actually SOLVE the pha problems at hand. dumb.
  7. L.Knoth


    looks like its Washburn for me, and yes I'll be doing parli.... go ahead start the jokes but fortunately for me i've seen enough rounds and talked to enough people and it really is a legit debate... what about you nick?? oh and alyssa kennedy will be joining me at washburn as well...Go Ichabods!
  8. okay any accurate full results of dubs?
  9. L.Knoth


    Goodluck... Truman is on the novice side of things this year and all our experienced judges WE recruited...i'm not too sure about how chrisman has handled recruitment...i'll for sure check tomorrow and let you know!
  10. L.Knoth


    For Clarification, this is called the IWC (independence winter classic) for those of you who didn't know. I'm Lauren Knoth, the tournament chair for the Truman side this year, so if you have any questions feel free to PM me or just post on here. It should be a great tourny at both schools although i haven't heard much from the chrisman side of things. There is a slight chance of a large Winter Storm blowing through this weekend, it happened last year as well but i doubt the tournament will be postponed.
  11. L.Knoth

    Topeka High

    Thanks to T-High for hosting a great tournament. This was my first time debating in Kansas (I'm from Truman, the only MO team there) and it was great. Good job to everyone in outrounds.
  12. L.Knoth


    i <3 you too garrett. And to the rest of you...okay mostly corey.. when will you all EVER learn that tyler just posts on here just because of your reaction. He doesn't care what any of you do, its just funny that you all take him so seriously with everything he says. Really don't get so darn defensive all the time.
  13. L.Knoth


    I'm not saying you're bad, or good, but i'm saying you CERTAINLY can't use grandview as a way to boost your ego, cause tournys like that with judges like mentioned above are only credible for saying if your tie is straight, or if you are a pretty speaker. Congrats on that though.
  14. L.Knoth


    I don't know if you can really shoot dooley down for this comment, i mean there were people there who knew how to debate, and debate well...but when you have judges who leave RFD's that read "You were too bitchy in cross-x you lose" and thats all thats on the ballot, then the placings mean nothing. I'm not really sure that this was such a good tournament to determine the skill level, or lack there of, of debaters. But it's typical missouri...so i guess that means you're a good speaker.
  15. L.Knoth


    Our quarters round was on a 2-1 I was really questioning why they didn't combine divisions in the beginning but i agree with what Ramsey said, that that gave us some better competition; however, it just stinks that we had to compete with the judges we did, but i understand the thinking behind it. Congrats to parkview, central, ozark, and marshville(sp?), thanks for providing Ben and I with some good rounds at our first tourny. I must say that we got one of the best ballots--joel would agree--it said "God created all men equal. No matter the color or country we are all human beings created by one God. Africa can not do it alone, we should unite to help them help themselves. This is not rocket science, its called COMPASSION...We should all help each other no matter how rich or poor." How could the negative every win with a judge that has this view before the round even begins...and we didn't even flat out say saving african's bad, we just read a counterplan. Disclaimer: i do not feel cheated by the results of quarters, i just thought this ballot and RFD was hillarious. Congrats once again to all the teams there, i'm sure we'll see you again this season!
  16. L.Knoth


    why don't they combine divisions?
  17. What are your adv for WFTP... i won't be there i was just wondering
  18. hmm... did you tell me you got the ideas from scottie...abbott...who attends washburn university...it makes sense
  19. I think the biggest problem with this DA is going to be finding the link and internal link. Also the fact that its Terminally n/u because the amount of greenhouse gases being dispersed in the US is already increasing. The I/L will be hard to prove that increasing PHA in one country or one region will push us over the brink. We don't know what the brink of global warming even is.
  20. all hard feelings aside, congrats to liberty for winning state...I'm glad it was a Kansas City team that won Congrats to Tim and Hassan as well for debating a great round in finals. State was amazing and i can't wait to see some of you next year!!! oh and it was kind of weird how all out rounds except one were won by the aff on a 2-1 decision.... So i just read the above post by Tim and i agree with a lot of his statements. The panels at state were ridiculously bipolar...having to adapt to a college judge and a coach who refuses to coach policy is a terrible way to debate. In semis we lost on a 2-1..the ballot we picked up gave plumlee the one..the two we lost gave plumlee the 4...with decisions like that you're forced to dumb down debate in order to win the judges...It seems like its not about who can out-debate who but who can sound the best..even if they misrepresent evidence or twist the words of the other team they just have to sound good doing it. It would be really interesting to redo the out rounds with panels of judges who know what their doing...i can promise that the results of the tournament would have been extremly different. Props to Nick and evan, Carrick and Katie, and Tim and Hassan who i believe are fine debaters and predicted to be teams in semis and finals...
  21. Liberty (PB) d. Truman (KP) on a 2-1 it was a great round and easily couldve gone either way, i'm glad to see a kansas city team in finals though, its about time and i'm really glad we cleared to semis thats farther then i expected. Thanks for the great rounds in prelims (Springfield, pattonville, savannah) State was definatly a lot of fun...good luck to the teams tomorrow
  22. L.Knoth

    HOA Congress

    Plumlee took sixth in the Senate..from what i hear he should've scored a lot higher but shit happens..
  23. Tech n9ne is AMAZING! Tar bender i need a trother nink release caribou lou and the party is utter kink!
  24. L.Knoth

    HOA Congress

    Third place in the House was Ben Shinn from Truman.. Congrats to all... -first loser (or alternate)
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