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  1. DCI comparisons...really? If only there was an elite committee that could clean up this 4 speaker mess.
  2. I don't think publicly humiliating a high school student is ever the appropriate response for an adult, educator, assistant, etc. At some point, being the mature adult is the right thing to do no matter how hard the emotional impulses might be. I understand that people get upset, but jesus some of these posts are ridiculous. If a kid is acting out at a tournament, you shouldn't make a grand show out of it. A lot of times, I would guess a reaction like that would make the situation much worse. I think it's awesome that coaches and alumni of the community want to participate so much on the forum, definitely more than I remember from when I was in high school. However, I don't think sacrificing professionalism is acceptable. I don't see a lot of these conversations happening the same way they might in a classroom with an admin present. I think kids have to be careful about what they say on this website, and often times they're not. What's more problematic for me is that I occasionally think the same thing about coaches/assistants. At least the kids have the excuse immaturity and inexperience.
  3. FYI, all of this seriousness and stress shit will kill you http://heartdisease.about.com/cs/riskfactors/a/stresshtdisease.htm
  4. Not sure who "we" is, but if you want to associate yourself with the trolling douche bags, go for it. There are plenty of internet forums that are used productively. Proof: http://graphjam.memebase.com/2010/11/15/funny-graphs-how-tumblr-was-used-yesterday/ Also, tell Al Gore hi for me.
  5. Whoops, sorry! You're right. I forgot that a grown ass adult should make proportional reactions to high school kids. I'm definitely the ass for pointing out what this forum is capable of, not you. My apologies.
  6. I don't find your sarcastic remarks on every single post you make funny or useful. I also don't understand why you have to hide behind the sarcasm. I would understand, if this were true. The best debates don't involve kids who lose their cool and make fun of their opponents. This type of behavior is not inherent in the activity, and assuming it is only makes the problem worse.
  7. I noticed a couple things about this discussion as it deteriorated. First, I think it says a lot about the people who have resorted to insults in an attempt to advance their arguments. I'm not sure what you get out of insulting high school kids, but if you think it does anything other than shed light on your own insecurities and the potential weaknesses in your arguments, than you're the fool. Be honest...each and every one of us has plenty to be made fun of for, and the individuals using personal insults shouldn't want any of those doors opening on them. Second, I don't know why this conversation always has to get so hostile. It's a great discussion to be had. Some people think case lists and disclosure are great for debate, and others don't. At the end of the day, the fault lies on the people who end up forcing their beliefs on others, and I think both parties involved here are guilty of that. If people want to participate in a case list or disclosure, so be it. If not, no big deal. None of this should be about winning or losing individual debates, but instead how the participants of the activity can get more of what they value from it, and that's not wins or losses. At the end of the day, this conversation shouldn't be about convincing the other side that they are wrong. It shouldn't be a way for old people, who have nothing better to do, assert their authority. It shouldn't be a way for high school kids to look cool, or get attention. This should be a place where relevant issues can be productively discussed. It should be a place where new members of the activity can come and learn from those productive conversations about the relevant topics. Instead, they see two polarized sides of the community ripping each other apart over things that are hardly relevant to the discussion. I think it's time for everybody here to take a second and think about why they're choosing to get involved in this thread. Are you really concerned for the small guys and the activity, or are you just looking for a place for somebody to give a shit about you. I can assure you that there are many of you I respect far less because of your conduct on this website.
  8. Guess not...or it always does?
  9. StengerBanger

    Next Year

    next time any of you want to post something, you should go out and try to find a friend instead.
  10. StengerBanger

    Next Year

    this turned into a blue valley shit fest of "who can say the most stupid thing about debate because it looks like we're cool" pretty quickly...
  11. I don't think refusing to go paperless has anything to do with kansas refusing to "progress". I think hibbs has it absolutely right when he says that there are enough squads who have plenty of financial problems as it is. My squad had to make jewelry and sell it as a fund raiser just to pay entry fees. There are very clear feasibility issues holding this back, not necessarily ideological ones. If you're speaking of laptop use in rounds in general, I feel like there has been substantial change on this topic. NFL changed their rules, many kansas tournaments have been open to their use, and that's radically different from policies of no less than 5 years ago. I'd expect more change to continue for the future. Maybe kansas is willing to "progress"...
  12. I shudder to think of how many trees the state tournament alone claims each year. If there were a feasible way to do this across an entire state, it would do wonders. It's probably not fair to expect every kid in the state to own a laptop or each school be able to provide them. I'd imagine most would just look at pron the whole time anyway.
  13. you are all gdi's. every last one of you. and you don't even know it. *tom brady and peyton manning are better than everybody else.
  14. I think you're selling yourself way too short on this. I'm sorry if your frustrations have resulted in this temporary apathy, and I don't think what you say is untrue, but there's not any good reason it has to remain true. In high school and my brief period since, I've never debated for or worked for a coach who played into this "good old boys" system. I've also met and spoken with a lot of coaches who don't hold the views that a lot of very stubborn and selfish coaches have in this community. I feel like what you're saying to the community, and specifically to the things I've had to say on this issue, are a lot like somebody saying that writing your representative won't ever accomplish anything, and you can't ever make the system any different than what it is. I think there's been far too many progressions over the last century to just accept that sort of attitude. Simply put: This activity has so much more to do with making debate an activity that provides a fruitful experience for anyone, than it does about some group of stubborn pricks thinking they can make everything just like how it was in the "good old days". I won't ever stop thinking that people who decided to make debate a full-time career made that decision because they loved what debate did for them, and they wanted nothing more than to give that opportunity to as many people as they could. If there are coaches out there, and there might be, who decided to do this job because they wanted to feel important, powerful, and control the community and their students to the point that its manifestation would only exist in a certain and exclusive way, then I think it's only fair to tell those individuals they reconsider why they're coaching, and what their coaching style is doing to their students. If it's just about the "good old boys", maybe it's time to hit the showers. There's plenty of bureaucratic bull shit going on at every staff meeting in every high school in America to fulfill those petty desires. I know I owe everything I love about to debate to the people who made it possible for me to get what I wanted out of it, and for never telling me what I was supposed to get out of it. You made debate your own. That's why you love it enough to still be talking about it as much as an alumni as you did as a student. That's how I feel, and I'll be damned if somebody is going to tell me to take a hike because there's a stubborn group of selfish fools. There are too many kids wanting more out of this activity than those "good old boys" will ever be able to give them. This is a debt I owe the community for what it gave me and so many others. The least I can do is help them to see what I saw in this activity.
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