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  1. Give your Pembroke boys a high five for repping the big MO by breaking two teams at New Trier. Brad and Lewis are in Sems right now, I think.
  2. I just received a text that said: Pembroke (Aff) vs. GBN in sems. Don't know about the other round. :edit: Pembroke wins on a 2-1.
  3. I (Zack Maier from Parkway Central) am going to Northwestern next year, and I'm not sure if I'm debating No they don't - they have a Parli team, but thats it.
  4. has anyone said z-spec yet? gotta spec your zizek...
  5. Damien picked up over Ladue- I don't know the decision.
  6. 5 things you didn't know about Luke Schiel: 1) Fact: Luke Schiel pleasures himself to Rachel Maddow. 2) Fact: Luke Schiel's favorite phrase is "cyclical cycle," and refuses to admit its redundancy. 3) Fact: Luke Schiel is an active actor in YMCA plays, and has been for quite some time. Feel free to come down and watch. 4) Fact: Luke Schiel is "the only reason" that Rob Proffitt still works with me. 5) Fact: Luke Schiel once cried during a Regina Spektor concert because he thought she looked at him.
  7. But he is still coaching next year... that much was true. Also that bit about me being the best debater in St. Louis- never said that. But yeah, call Luke Schiel. He'll teach you debate.
  8. I'll be at Northwestern. Lucas Schiel will be attending the prestigious Washington University in St. Louis. He's going pre med, and plans on doing Parliamentary Debate. What a stud. Oh- I just spoke with Luke, and he told me that he plans on affirming his self-declared superiority over everyone in the area by assistant coaching here in St. Louis next year. He says that you and/or your coaches should contact him about working: 314-920-6163, or lughhke@gmail.com. Also, Luke told me he was, still is, and always will be the greatest debater to ever set foot in St. Louis. When I asked him why, he said, "Because I can qualify to state without you." This statement above is 100% true.
  9. William Sun got second at the Intel competition. Intel > Science Olympiad.
  10. Our district is "Eastern Missouri," I think. And mad props to Luke and Anna Dardick (novice) for qualifying to state. I heard that she carried him all the way.
  11. Best 1A - Phillip Liu Best 2A - Luke Schiel Best 1N - Phillip Liu Best 2N - Sarah Godwin Best Team - Pembroke Best LDer - Phillip Liu Best Negative Position - Security/German Authors Worst Negative Postion - Apologize to the Natives CP Case of the Year - Natives Hemp Worst Case of the Year - CTL Ultimate Kritik - Security/Nietzsche Counterplan of the Year - Consult Japan Best DA - Saudi Oil Worst DA - Tribal Leaders are corrupt Best Card - Churchill 91 or Schwab 06 Worst Card - Ladue's Politics links (sorry guys) Fastest Debater - Luke or David Collier Best Word Economy - Jason Bell Best Spreaders - Clayton- they're just too fast... Best Speakers - Ka and Michael Most improved team - Marquette- Casey and Phillip Team that will likely become great - Sam and Zev Best adapters - Greenwood, maybe. Most likely to run Irony - I think Jason and Jack do this annually. Most likely to amaze you with a cool position - Luke's Mom in bed. Most likely to take off shirt - See above. Judge of the Year - Terry Calderwood Panel of the year - Terry Calderwood Ballot of the year (text) - "Why do you waste so much time answering the Counterplan? If I were up there, I would just say 'this has nothing to do with alternative energy, and be done with it!" Best Run Tourney - Marquette Worst Run Tourney - Districts, maybe? Most qualified Judging pool Tourney - Parkview Worst qualified Judging pool Tourney - Oakville usually takes the cake Most interesting tourney moment - hiding under a chair for 2/3 of cross-x during a round vs. Groves Most Admired coach (NOT your own) - Dennis Kane. Even though he drops us every chance he gets. Squad of the Year (NOT your own) - Ladue. There are just so many of them. Person who has contributed the most to the program - Allison
  12. (Aff v. Neg) Bishop Guertin PC v. Kinkaid Damien HE v. Sheboygan North MK Ft. Lauderdale BM v. Bellarmine College Prep VR Glenbrook South TD v. Highland Park PY New Trier GS v. Lexington SK Colleyville MN v. Notre Dame PD Westminster SJ v. Glenbrook North MS Woodward NP v. Bronx Science MB I think the sides are right... The only questionable one is the last round.
  13. In Eastern MO, we don't allow The Gays to compete. The Jews are next. And for the record, Luke Schiel is way better than me. In fact, He's probably better than you!
  14. the best 5 debataz in da world: 1) dylon 2) dylon 3) dylon 4) dylon 5) dylon
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