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  1. Rabbirab22@gmail.com

    GHSA State

    Special congrats to Andrew Kim - hes a freshman and he got 2nd speaker
  2. You wont find any. All the literature goes one way
  3. If DOD is the agent and the executive issues an executive order, normal means is the XO would be implemented by an executive agency which would be the DOD. Also what possible net benefit is not solved for my perm: do both 1. Solves politics - Executive Orders would shield the link. At best the fact that a unitary figure does the plan probably increases the chance of being perceived rather than one of his executive agencies doing the plan 2. Solves presidential powers - the president still issues the XO and congress doesnt get in the way.
  4. Semis was Grady BH (aff) d. Woodward OP GACS RY (neg) d. Northview JY
  5. When will Resolved be released to the general public
  6. I can second Michigan 7 week evidence
  7. He and Nick Miller were not allowed to continue because only one team from each school can continue to the top 16. So Emory picked its senior Team, Aimi, a senior, and Julie, a junior, but hey they won the NDT
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