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  1. I had $55 left in my Evazon account. Is that still available now that your server has changed? I need to buy this week's Thursday file ASAP for the Barkley Forum. Thanks.

  2. Dunwoody GG vs. Marist CM--Ramsey, E. GACS vs. Mountain Brook DS--Walker, R. Marist BW vs. Mountain Brook GH--Robles, v. MBA BS vs. Piedmont KO--Steele, J. MBA MP vs. Vestavia LS--Laduke, L. Mountain Brook BC vs. Woodward DS--Quinn, R. Mountain Brook GR vs. Vestavia DK--Defoor, K. Mountain Brook MQ vs. Calhoun BK--Osborne, B. Pace SS vs. Milton AV--Hamrick, K. Sequoyah FW vs. Vestavia KY--Bagwell, D. Sequoyah HW vs. Marist MT--Sydnor, J. USN BM vs. St. Andrew's BC--Gramzinski, L. USN DR vs. Vestavia HL--Roszczynialski, N. Vestavia DY vs. USN LZ--Vandekamp, G. Woodward DR--Bye
  3. Dunwoody GG vs. Mountain Brook MQ--Quinn, R Marist BW vs. Mountain Brook DS--Ramsey, E. Marist CM vs. Milton AV--Sorensson, I. MBA BS vs. Vestavia KY--Gramzinski, L. MBA MP vs. Vestavia HL--Bagwell, D. Mountain Brook GH vs. USN LZ--Walker, R. Sequoyah FW vs. Marist MT--Robles, V. Sequoyah HW vs. Woodward DS--Roszczyniaski, N. St. Andrew's BC vs. Mountain Brook GR--Sessions, M. USN BM vs. Calhoun BK--Hamrick, K. USN DR vs. Pace SS--Osborne, B. Vestavia DK vs. Mountain Brook BC--Lewis, J. Vestavia DY vs. GACS KA--Ramakrishnan, V. Woodward DR vs. Piedmont KO--Sydnor, J. Vestavia LS--Bye
  4. mfincher

    Evidence Posts

    So are you guys at Cross-x giving up posting evidence and surrendering to Planet Debate? Does this mean I'm not going to get anything for the $55 I still have in my account? I would appreciate an answer. The most recent evidence on Evazon is from May, and a new season has begun!
  5. MBA SH d. Canton Central Catholic MK
  6. GACS AK (Aff) d. Dunwoody GG on a 2-1 decision. Congratulations GACS! First TOC bid in school history!
  7. Alpharetta LI vs. Beacon GG Beacon SO vs. Dunwoody GG (Dunwoody wins) Brother Rice HLS CH vs. Mountain Brook DS Canton Central Catholic MK vs. Johns Creek HZ Cathedral Prep WH vs. Grady BC Centennial LM vs. Eleanor Roosevelt AC Dexter HC vs. Palo Alto CF GDS HS vs. Pennsbury SW USN JR Aff vs. GDS KL Neg Lexington EB vs. Centennial KP Lexington FC vs. Westminster XB Lexington GT vs. Little Rock Central PW MBA SH vs. McDonogh MG Mt. Hebron AD vs. North Side College Pr Ct New Trier KC Aff vs. Marist MC Neg River Hill GH Neg vs. GACS AK Aff (GACS AK wins on a 2-1 decision)
  8. A most impressive showing, from what I hear. A new champion--finally! Too bad it wasn't us, but Grady has been beating us all year. I actually predicted the possibility of their victory in the tab room at the Carrollton tournament in November to Lisa Willoughby. Congratulations!
  9. How about an update? Anyone have Round 5 pairings?
  10. GAC is taking 2 Varsity teams, 1-2 JV.
  11. We've been to 1-2 tournaments where we've had a maverick clear, but I think that was not on the varsity level, however. Andrew had a partner Saturday but not Friday. Just seems a pity when 4 teams from the same school advance to the semis and the one team that beat 2 of them doesn't even make it to the breaks despite having the record to qualify. But hey, that's probably because I'm the coach. I recognize my own bias.
  12. GACS KH finished 4-1, including victories over Hooch WV and KR, but tournament rules disallow mavericks from clearing (we had one Friday, two-person on Saturday). Wish we had known that when we preregistered. Rules differ from tournament to tournament, of course, so I guess it's our job to find out.
  13. GACS is taking both our Varsity teams, 1 JV, 1 Novice, 3 PF.
  14. Oops, I was looking in the wrong part of the site. Thanks
  15. Don't see the results on JOT yet. I had to leave before I got the packet because of flooding in my basement. Didn't turn out to be as bad as we feared.
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