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  1. I miss this a lot. You all are in the TDL right now and I'm getting phone calls and I can't wait for JMU!! College is fun and all but I really, truly miss debate. If there were enough people even remotely interested here at UVA, I woul try and start a team, even though we wouldn't quite be able to compete at a national level. at all. What else is going on though? How are all the people who graduated last year doing?I can't wait to come back and udge. I miss Topicality. Effects Topicality :-P.
  2. where did everyone go
  3. i miss you guys. i miss debating.
  4. this is why the indians are slowly taking over the world population- people are too afraid of our fantastic skills at pretending to be superman and dancing and singing while we do it!
  5. thank you so much guys. we will try and bring back the gold. you all have been awesome. see you there mr.H!
  6. msdiiva

    VHSL States

    thanks mr.H. y'all excitedd?
  7. msdiiva

    VHSL States

    so here comes states season again. Who are the teams so far...? Contemp: Princess Anne SV Princess Anne ST Yorktown SS Chantilly BK Stone Bridge GO Maggie Walker MA Maggie Walker KM Classic: Princess Anne LA Princess Anne CW Deep Creek OO Yorktown SZ Chantilly VT Stone Bridge PM Clover Hill DL Maggie Walker KI Maggie Walker XO i'll update this as we go on
  8. sorry us PA kids havent been on here in a while. This year for debate, and especially for regionals has been ridiculous. I'm sorry John, and mroe to sam and ellison actually, for regionals and the fact that they didnt make it out. And especially with colin and adora not being able to go because of sickness. Its not the same going to states without you guys and if anything, you guys have put in so much work that we admire you for it and hope to make you guys and the beach district proud in April. PS- We've had to redo all the congress points as well because the tab room did not do them correctly. This tournament was messed up all over the place. Its just disappointing that good teams that deserved to go, like you guys, can't.
  9. john. matt will be calling you sometime tonight. i am temporarily without a voice. or i would have called you by now.
  10. hey chip! My name is Deeva Shah and I'm from Princess Anne High School. i know its late notice, but one of our judgesbacked out and the tournament starts tomorrow. have you already been called for?
  11. i need another judge for this weekend. we hired a judge and he cant make it anymore.pleaseee helppp! do you guys have possible either extra people or know someone who would want to judge?
  12. if anyone is going to get ethiopian food, i want in. and, mr.bauman, no one answered your fashion question above, so i shall have to. ugg boats are only good when lizzie wears them . So i guess we'll have to go with the boots that have green laces. i wish we could have come to the tdl.
  13. i dont know the full results for all the beach schools, but here goes Speakers- Open PA- Parth Shah- 2nd PA- Deeva Shah- 3rd PA- Jessica Truong- 9th Speakers- JV PA- Katherine Williams- 2nd Kville- Adora Parker- ??? Speakers- novice I know the kville novice team got awards, i dont know their names or their postions though. sorryyyy Semis- Open Kville CW vs. Woodrow Wilson SG PA ST vs. Woodrow Wilson ?? Woodrow Wilson into finals for both rounds Semis- JV Kville MP- PA CW Blacksburg K?- ???? Finals JV- Kville vs. Blacksburg howd that turn out? Novice- no idea, sorry?
  14. i agree. Chuck Norris is nothing.
  15. ouch...just oliver and timon? that makes me a little sad. thats amazing that y'all broke. CONGRATS!!!
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